Friday, July 29, 2016

Socks on the knitting needles

Almost done with the 2nd sock. You can see the 3rd repeat down of blue/green is not identical, but there was a bit extra of the lighter color above - so the sock pattern still matches up. Another 2 sit down to knit times and it should be done! I really have not done much knitting - or much of anything for that matter, because I have been so sick.

I don't know why people think you have lots of time to read or knit when you are sick. I mostly sleep. The nurses always seem to be waking me up for something. Just when I fall into a deep sleep. So, I guess I take a lot of cat naps instead.  Kind of hard to knit when your arm is full of IV's anyway.  

OK, I tried one day...but it was not comfortable! Both the top of the hand and the elbow.  Can't knit without bending that elbow.

But I like to THINK about knitting, look at patterns, and visit Blogs to see what everyone else is knitting. That is all less strenuous than actually knitting, ha! So, that is what I did to amuse myself. Or take photos of various flowers!

Wow! I was so sick I could not even pick my head up off the pillow some days. First I had a serious infection that needed IV antibiotics. Then I had another operation (3rd one in 5 weeks, but hopefully that is it!). And finally, after 16 days in the hospital, the DR said I could go home. That is 34 days since June 15, ugh! Let me tell you, it is so very nice to be home! I am still moving slowly, but at least I am home!

I miss my boy, but he calls most days for a few minutes when he wakes up.  You know 13 year old boys...not exactly chatterboxes! He even sent some photos of fishing flies that he is tying - here is a photo of one. He loves fishing. He is doing great! I am so thankful that he is having a fun summer.
To see what everyone else is knitting,  head on over to Judy's Blog


[geo]Holly said...

I feel for you. That's not a fun way to spend a summer. So glad you are home now and that your son is having fun with his cousins while you recuperate. Hopefully now you can get some much needed sleep! I've always been a fan of your socks. They are beautiful.

straythreads said...

Sorry to hear about your ill health but glad you are doing better and home again. Great looking socks. Bet all the nurses wanted a pair
Have a peaceful recuperative weekend

Dar said...

I am sorry to hear that you are not having a fun summer knitting away but hopefully better days are in your future. I cannot imagine trying to knit with your arm hooked up to IV and nurses bothering you all the time. Not to mention, I'm sure there was lots of pain. Your socks are great looking and ooh so close to being a pair. Hang in there and I hope you improve quickly.