Friday, August 12, 2016

Hand knit green socks finished!

Finished! Just have to weave in the toe ends. The yarn matched perfectly until right before the heel, seemed to match again...and then was off for the toes.

I got home from the hospital today. I was there another 9 days. I guess these are my hospital socks...The color even matched the hospital decor. They were so close to being done and 1 day my IV failed and I didn't need another for a few hours so I asked the nurse to leave it off so I could finish my sock! My DH took this photo of them for me when I was sick in bed. Ha, ha...this is his version of a close up. That guy cracks me up! I said "over by the flowers" (natural light) and I guess he understood that I wanted the flowers in the photo. Nice flowers though!

I am happy,  happy to be home. My son's cacti have grown and some have flowers! I took these photos to send him - he likes his cacti so much! I miss him, but he is doing good.

I have new sock yarn and probably will cast on this weekend. But I am not sure. I am thinking I would enjoy something different a change. Any ideas? Maybe a pillow out of thicker yarn, or some type of cheerful garland, or??? 

But you know I will start the socks. As much as I stew about stripping yarn not matching, it is still my favorite. Look at these pretty colors! And nothing wrong with having more than 1 project on the needles!

See what everyone else is knitting over on Judy's blog!


katie z. said...

I hope you will finally be on the mend and get to do lots of knitting!

straythreads said...

Glad you are home! The place to get better. Great job on the socks best wishes for a speedy and full recovery
Hugs Ann

Dar said...

So glad to hear you are back home again. I love the colors in that skein of yarn. They will make fun socks. Maybe you could start a triangular shawl for something different. Whatever you start, have fun.