Monday, August 15, 2016

Cast on new socks

I cast on new socks. You knew I would, right? It is 6 ply so slightly thicker than the sock yarn I usually use. But the yarn is soft and lovely and I am really enjoying it. Steinbach Wolle Aktiv Proto 6-Fach. I think they probably will be perfect for wearing around the house in the winter or with rain or winter boots. Maybe a bit too thick with my normal shoes...which in the interest of comfort are usually good quality running sneakers.

Usually I cast on and do the rib. Next time I knit - down to the heel if I have time or the attention span. The heel AND heel turn always together...otherwise I forget about the turn and try to pick up the gusset stitches.  Goof ball!  How many pairs of socks have I knit? Gusset in 1 sitting. Then it is just simple knitting to the toe. I am at the simple foot knitting...maybe tomorrow.

I had a little bird get into the house yesterday. I opened more windows and happily he found his way out after a few attempts. He is small so you have to look closely.

Mostly I have been watching the Olympics. The coverage in Austria has been really good with lots of events. Entertaining and I can knit at the same time. Or I have been napping. One nice thing about being home from the hospital is uninterrupted sleep. My husband has been doing a good job cooking...I only have to get myself to the table. Not that I have a huge appetite, but he is trying to come up with a variety of tempting entrees. Slowly starting to feel better, so thank you for all the well wishes.

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