Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Casting on for Drachenfels Shawl

I wasn't sure what size needles to use because the pattern calls for sport weight yarn and I bought Superfein  (about sock weight, I would say). The yarn is Lana Grossa Cool Wool Baby Merino Superfein.  I bought it last week on Wednesday at Pingouin Wollboutique  in Vienna. What a charming little shop, just chock a block full! We even got a parking spot right out front. I am going back on Monday and am making a little wish list.

So, thinner yarn - bigger needles. The pattern calls for USA 6 (4mm) so I decided to swatch on USA (5 mm). That guage looked correct...I just did not care for the looseness. It is me. I think a tighter gauge looks more elegant.

4 mm (USA6). Just about 1 row too short...but it is a scarf, not a fitted sweater! Really, for a scarf,  I think that gauge is perfect! Mainly because I already have these needles. I like Susan Bates because the points are sharp. This is a funny pair in that 1 needle is pointier than the other. So, I made sure to set it up that the pointy needle would get the knitting the requires making extra stitches, etc. 

So, there you have it. I am using the recommended needles even though I am pretty sure my yarn is thinner. It is so light weight and drapey and SOFT!

After only about 6 inches, I really thought the edge would have a tight curl. I don't mind 6" on each side curling, but this scarf is going to be about 83" (210cm). So, I started added a yarn over after the first stitch and dropping it on the way back. Also, give that 1st stitch a little slack.

I added stitch markers at the end to remind me - hey! You need to do something here! It is such an easy knit, knit, knit pattern that my brain forgets to remind me there is a change. Hence the stitch marker.

Swatch on Saturday. Cast on Sunday. Today is Wednesday and this is how far I am now. So, it is a pretty quick knit so far.

I have a little balcony...just love it!  It has been unusually hot in Graz, so it is nice to be able to come outside and catch a breeze.

I set up an Instagram page today to show photos. I am not really into technology, but want to try doing some Podcasts, so thought an Instagram accounxt would be needed. I am Scrappyhappystarfishy. My 13 year old son spent a few happy hours on Amazon this week and ordered me a simple tripod and a few other gadgets to get me going. So, it is something we are currently working on together. Hopefully everything will arrive in a few days and we can give it a go!

Note: Not sure, but maybe my Instagram name is Starfishyknits? I tried to change it and it looks like it changed in one field, but not the other. Not really sure how it all works. Maybe I have to delete and start over?!

And...a photo of an old car we saw downtown today.

To see what everyone else is knitting this week, head on over to Judy's Blog!


Dar said...

Your scarf is looking good. You will be finished in no time. Where is Graz. It looks like a pretty area. Good luck on your podcast endeavors. What would they be about.?

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Graz is in Austria. It is a challenge for me to learn German. I am thinking my podcasts wold be about knitting, sewing, recipes, etc.