Friday, September 09, 2016

Knitting Socks

Slightly thicker sock yarn. Cast on 60 with USA size 3 needles and then switched to USA size 2 needles at the first row. I like using the bigger needle to start...easier to pick up that 1st row and keeps it from drawing up. Anyway, perfect socks for hiking shoes, rain or snow boots. I prefer thinner socks for my everyday walking shoes. Always good to have options and a variety!

The stripes match! Just the last wee bit of 1 toe has 1 row of blue at the end.

Lots of yarn left over! I like to make baby booties with left over sock yarn, but lately I have been thinking about starting one of those scrappy sock yarn blankets.

And a sneak peak at my next project...not socks! Drachenfels shawl! The blue is variagated. I bought 2 balls of each color.  I am so looking forward to casting on tomorrow... but first I really felt like I had to motivate myself to finish the socks since they were so close to being done.  Drachenfels pattern link here!  A Raveley group JUST had a Knit Along on this all month. It ends in a few days. I think it is a fun pattern for a KAL.

I took this knitting selfie this morning... I just knew if I cast on Drachenfels this poor, almost finished sock would languish. So, I knit off and on, here and there today and finished it up. I mean really,  I was almost to the toe decreases and you know how fast the rows go clicking by once you start decreasing. And I still kept putting it down for 1 reason or another!

Like to see what everyone else is knitting? Go visit JUDY'S BLOG!

It was hot tonight. This is what I made for dinner. A mixture of arugula, macaroni, stewed tomatoes, tomato juice, sautéed garlic, fresh basil, mozerella cheese balls, parmesian cheese... yummy. My grandpa grew lots of tomatoes and this time of year my Nana often made something simular. She skipped the salad, added more cheese, topped with bread crumbs and baked.  So, different, but still reminds me of my dear, sweet Nana cooking away in her old fashioned farm kitchen...complete with a 12 burner cast iron cook stove.


carol fun said...

Beautiful socks!!! I can never get mine to match so I deliberately make them un-matchy (I think that's a word...LOL!) Your shawl will be beautiful too... lovely yarns!

Doodlebug Gail said...

Lovely socks - I'd be saving my left over sock wool for a mitred square blanket. Have only knit one pair and there wasn't much leftover. How is your health? So glad that this post was from home and not the hospital. Take care of yourself.

Dar said...

Great looking sock. When I'm that close to finishing (at the toe decreases, you will find me glued to my knitting needles. Your dinner menu sounded good.