Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas Plans

Tomorrow we are heading out of the city - to the mountains, for Christmas! We probably will stay until Monday. This is a snapshot from the living room window that I took last year. Absolutely beautiful, huh?

The very best part - if the weather is nice - is that there are miles and miles of groomed walking trails. Cross country trail on 1 side, wide walking trail on the other. Here is another photo that I took last year...

Here you can see the walking trail - that is DH pulling Little Boy on the sled down in the lower left corner. The cross country tracks are on the right.

1 more photo (also from last year)... just because you guys have got to see this goofy sled that everyone has over here for their babies - think winter stroller for the mountains. I don't know why these sleds are so popular because they are very tippy. You have to be careful when going down an incline that the sled is perfectly straight or it will tip over, baby and all!

As you can see, baby is snuggy wuggy in that soft leather/fur lined sack thing. These sacks are also used in the city for strollers. Of course, now that Little Boy is 2.5 he won't have any of this being pulled around business. He now likes to pull the sled.

Usually the temperature up at the mountain is about -12C (translates to about 10 F). We bundle up, use lots of sunscreen - sunglasses are a must because the snow is so bright and also have a special cold weather cream for any exposed skin. Actually, it doesn't really feel cold unless it is windy because the air is so dry.

The big BUT here is - if it snows. If it snows, it snows and you are house bound. So, just in case this happens, I went and bought some yarn and a pair of knitting needles today. This is all entirely Sam's fault - I left my knitting stuff in Canada, but with all her posting about knitting it got me to thinking that a scarf would be the perfect "take along in case of emergency" project.

On the quilting front - I have my entire Broken Dishes top pieced together - I just have to add the border now, which I will do when I get back. Once that is done I will post a photo with a review of the pattern, which is really great - so stay tuned for that.

Thanks for all your warm welcomes to the Stash ring!


Jeanne said...

Have a wonderful holiday! Your pictures are beautiful! Keep warm!

The Calico Cat said...

LOVELY! Makes me want to go trail walking. (I live right next to Rock Creek Park in Washington, DC - nice "improved" and some unimproved trails for us to hike... only becasue of the shade, they might even still be snowy...)

Dawn said...

Oh Evelyn - those pictures are to die for! Your mountain weekend sounds so wonderful! Stay warm and have a wonderful holiday!

Samantha said...

ooops- sorry i made you buy yarn! ;-) Looks like you are going to have a fantastic time!!

Laurie said...

OH, those snow pictures make me want to live in MN again, even though we don't have those gorgeous mountains there. BUT...snow is snow and it's a stunning beauty!

Thanks for sharing!

Carolyn said...

I keep looking at your pictures and I wish I was there! Have a wonderful vacation and enjoy the holidays with your family!

Tracey said...

WOW. I have LOVED taking a 'tour' thru a bit of your country, Evelyn! SO beautiful! And I'm a bit jealous on those mountain pics. Enjoy!!