Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Trip Around the World, ala Bonnie

This is my Trip Around the World, ala Bonnie ( - in progress. Since this photo I have finished piecing all the sections together and now am wondering about a border... Hummm.... I know this is a terrible photo and I will try to take a better one later, but was anxious to write a bit on my blog and I like to post a photo with my text. So, here it is.

Anyway, a few thoughts about this pattern... I love the technique! The pattern used 5 fabrics - 4 of them were 1 yard cuts with about 3" left over. The 5th fabric was less than 1 yard, but I am not sure how much less. Somewhere along the way I went wrong with the pressing directions, so had to repress some rows as I sewed. This was really no big deal and in the end I got almost all my seams going the right way - butting up against each other. Because I LOVE scrap quilts - well, it was hard to do a quilt with 5 fabrics, but this is certainly not the patterns fault. It was a quick and easy pattern that I am happy to recommend. So, if you have 5 fabrics (1 yard pieces) in your stash and you like how they go together, this is a great pattern! And the good news for the "scrapper" in me - I got some usable strings to toss into the empty plastic tote for scraps!


Nancy said...

This is going to be beautiful, Evelyn. Another of Bonnie's patterns that will work well to use up some of my larger pieces. Once the holidays are past I plan to get started on some serious stash reduction. And Bonnie's patterns wil be showing up a lot on my blog!

cher said...

nice! this pattern is also on my to do list...for perhaps 2006 lol.

Bonnie said...

It looks great Evelyn! Have you thought of joining the stash quilts webring? I think you'd have alot of fun with it! You can find the info here:

It's a sister ring to Quilt Mavericks and they are looking for more members!


The Calico Cat said...

Nice quilt! (I blogged about my Trip Around the World yesterday!)