Saturday, December 17, 2005

Internet Shopping, Trick or Treat?

Graz is a beautiful city. There are literally 100s of these little statues on many buildings - on top of doorways and windows. All you have to do is look up! Little faces looking down on the goings on below. I've started to bring my camera out with me, with a zoom lens, so I can capture some of these little details.

Anyway, this photo goes with tonight's post about internet shopping - trick or treat? You see, I spent a fair amount of time on-line last night trying to assemble some fabrics for quilting. Trying to use my goals from an earlier post, I had a list - yes, an organized list! I had one quilt all picked out, but when I clicked on 1 vital fabric - it was sold out. So, there went that quilt fabric theme. Trick!

On another site I found some great light blender fabrics on sale, sale, sale! I bought 5 yard cuts of several. Of course, these fabrics will work with almost any scrap quilt as a background so this was a no-brainer. AND, background fabrics were on my list. Treat!

But 2 other fabrics that I had picked out earlier that I absolutely need were also sold out. Trick!

It would be nice if a site would take a fabric off the preview pages if it is gone. I look and look at these little bits of internet fabric, plan my quilts, write it all down in my notebook (trying to stick to my goals here) and then go to order it - gone. Trick, trick, trick.

Still, it is nice to be able to shop on-line so I guess it is a Treat! afterall.


quiltpixie said...

I've always been leary of ordering fabric on-line. It's just a little too convenient if I start, and I also have enough problems finding fabrics that coordiante in the shop -- given the changes in photo colours, easily lost sense of pattern size, and the like, I've just never gotten brave. Guess I'm lucky to have a number of fabric places close by...

Jeanne said...

I do quite a bit of online ordering - its a different way to shop for sure. Your "trick or treat" is very clever! I looked up Graz in the encyclopedia - looks like a beautiful city!

Tropical Screamer said...

I do shop at my little local quilt store, but I do a lot of shopping online. I order fabrics manufacturer's that I know (Hoffman Kaufman, Moda, etc.) And I patronize family owned online businesses. They treat you as regular customers just like the local stores do. That's the only way I could get the batting and thread that I want.

Maui is paradise but not for shopping. :)

Starfishy, I love to visit your blog and see bits of your life in Austria.

Aloha and I'm going to go ready more of your archives.


The Calico Cat said...

Good for you to stick to your list... I agree about your complaints with the online shops needing to take down the no longer available fabrics! (I have a backorder with Hancock's of Paudcah becasue of this....) So I now use equilter becasue they remove what is not longer available....

BTW The rings fit, but they do not fit with my engagement ring... (Dare I say the diamond is too big....)

Samantha said...

Try i have never ever had a problem with their inventory system! Ad they carry pretty much anything you could ever want!