Saturday, June 09, 2007

Bouquet of Love

Don't you just love the bouquet of dandylions Little Boy picked for me? I HIGHLY encourage the picking of BEAUTIFUL dandylions in order to spare many of the other flowers. Dandylion bouquets are truly appreciated around here, we even have the perfect plastic "vase" which weathers trips to the bathtub in order to give said beautiful flowers a "sip" of water. Oh yes, my son is very sure to make sure they are well watered.
Forget-me-nots are in abundance and my peony plants have lovely buds! The lilacs are just out too, filling the air with a beautiful scent. In the next week or so the snowball bush should bloom. Of the 3 Bleeding Hearts we planted a few weeks ago, one has lots of little bleeding hearts - already! Yes! Rhubarb is coming out of our ears and I just posted a favorite strawberry-rhubarb pie recipe over on my cooking blog at - the next post down from that has a great recipe for cucumber salad - another favorite summer food.
And - please do notice that the digger is being very careful not to be where the plants are. Tonka trucks and gardens are not necessarily a good mix, but so far this one has been on his best behavior, so allowed to stay!
This week we tried our hand at planting seeds for 2 different varieties of miniature pumpkins. The information said 100 days to fruit, so I am hoping sometime in October we will have some mini pumpkins!
Everynight when I rock my son before putting him to bed, I tell him what he smells like... always it is a combination of sunshine, love, and... then - I add something about what we did that day - dirt! Were you in the garden today? Sea air! Were you at the beach today looking for seaglass? Pie! Did you make a pie today? He delights in this game and it gives us a chance to go over the day. Of course, if the day wasn't sunny, then he smells like rain, fog, snow, storm clouds, etc., but still a little bit of sunshine in there somewhere because it takes a long time for that sunshine smell to go away! For sure, he knows that his Momma always thinks of sunshine and love when I hold him close.


Pam said...

Those special moments will never be forgotten, when our a daddy x2.5....are home for a visit...Saturday mornings are still spent piled on the bed reading the funnies. Sometimes it gets pretty crowded in there but the more the merrier! Our daughter-in-law had a hard time getting used to that...I don't think she didn't get rocked at night and told how she smelled, nor spent Saturday mornings in bed reading the paper with her family. You are such a good mommie! I always love to hear what you and Little Boy have been up to.

Pam @

Screen Door said...

When Chelsey was little, we had a complete Jewelry line of Dandelions-- necklaces, bracelets and crowns... Great memories.

Dawn said...

I jsut always love your special times with LB. You jsut have to be the most wonderful mom!

Laurie said...

What a wonderful idea! You are an awesome mom!

JudyL said...

You can send him over to pick dandelion bouquets in my yard any day. I know he's so proud of the flowers he brought to his mommie! I'd love to grow rhubarb but I've never tried it. Good luck with the pumpkins. That will be so fun for your son to watch them grown and then to harvest and decorate.

Bonnie said...

The stories about you and your little boy are so special. I love reading about your relationship.

Hedgehog said...


She has a few other rhubarb recipes, too.

Just in case you want a few more ideas to use up all that rhubarb!

Holly said...

You're such a good mom! Lucky boy.

Shelina said...

That is a very nice mosaic, and such great memories. You're a good mom. And a great gardener.

Happy Valley Quilter said...

I hope he keeps bringing you flowers for years to come! My DD10 keeps a small vase filled with flowers in our kitchen window sill. They make me smile every time I walk by!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Evelyn, you're the best! Your little boy is so blessed to have you as his Momma.

Morah said...

Once my daughter brought me home the most beautiful bouquet of flowers....tulips,daffodils, and few others. When I asked her where they came from......she picked them from someones front yard!!!! We had a little talk.....

Darcie said...

What a lovely bouquet for a wonderful Momma. And he even varies the artist in the making! ;-)

Love the Tonka's bright color out in your garden! It's a great accent piece. ;-)

Susan said...

Ah, dandelion bouquets - brings back good memories. I actually love dandelions. =) The pie sounds just yummy!