Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Markers and other little things

So, you think these are markers? I thought so too when I first bought them. And, Little Boy DID actually color ONE picture with them. Then, it was discovered that they can be hooked together. Instantly, all thoughts of coloring flew out the door. These markers are now, depending upon how many are hooked together at a time...and I am sure I will probably forget a few, but here is a list... the Titantic, an iceburg (one of us will be the Titantic and the other will be the iceburg - the T has to crash into the iceburg and sink), submarines including Alvin and JJ, U-boats, Stealth fighters, 747's, pontoon planes, satellites, and the all time favorite - space rockets exploring various planets and shooting at each other. To shoot at each other (a compromise since I don't like him "shooting" at people, but I suppose space rockets shooting other space rockets is ok) - I hold one stick and he holds the other and we play a little sword fight type of game to see whose space rocket breaks apart first. Then, we re-create our rockets with different colors. We are practicing counting and color recognition too. Oh - and logs - the wrench is being used as a logging claw in the photo, plus towers, skyscrapers, silos... All those toys wrapped up in one - what a bargain!

And - SOME of my favorite little things around the place... just little things here and there that I am happy to have! There are many more little things and as I think to take a photo, I will create a new collage.

My garden continues to grow - I think the new periannials will be a nice addition - if not this year, then surely next year!

The turtle sprinkler - not only does it water the grass, but he also provides lots of entertainment for Little Boy who loves to run around and around and through it, getting all wet!

My wind chimes - these are very nice and have a beautiful tone.

My rocking lawn chair. I think just about everyone should have one of these - they tilt back just a bit and are sooo comfortable. You can get them at Campers World. If you get one, just remember to lock the side clamps before sitting down or else it will fold up on you!

The retractable clothes line - it only takes up yard space when it is being used.

And - milk clips, which I use to keep my frozen veggies sealed nicely in the freezer once I open them. In Canada, milk is often sold in plastic bags - you snip one corner of the bag and put it in a special plastic container that looks like a juice container (good idea recycling wise). The milk clip has a little razor inside to slice the bag open and then the clamp.

Bye the way - I created this collage with Collage Maker - a shareware program that I downloaded for free - I have a 30 day trial period and then I can decide if I want to purchase it.


joyce said...

Teaching primary school taught me about stacking markers a long time ago. Sometimes I had to ban the activity so we could actually get some work done.

Morah said...

I love the way you see the joy and promise in every day, every new item and experience for your little boy. ALMOST makes me want to have a little one around again.

Hanne said...

Lovely collage Evelyn :-)
Life is made of the small things put together.

Laura said...

An outdoor rocker is a must! I love sitting in mine on Sunday mornings enjoying my coffee and the paper!

paula, the quilter said...

I had to hang my wind chimes inside the house because we just do not have gentle breezes around here. I, too, have an outdoor rocking chair. Like Laura said, it's a wonderful place to sit and sip the morning coffee.

Dawn said...

You have to be the most fun mom around! Your stories are always so much fun!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

A patchwork of your days, perfect! I adore the idea of less waste and pouring the milk into a permanent container. We did things like that in Europe, with wine, into our own carafes! I am most interested in this mosaic creator, thanks for the link!

Happy Valley Quilter said...

I remember my kids trying to stack as many markers as they could together before they tipped over and snapped. Don't they have the best imaginations?

I remember when my son was little I heard him crying, "Mommy, mommy, help me! Help me!" In a panic I ran up the stairs two at a time to see what was the matter. No problem. He was holding two pencils as if they were little people. The litte boy pencil needed the mommy pencil to save him. I still chuckle when I think about that story. lol!