Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Just Strings

Not much time for quilting lately (because I've been using my sewing time on clothes - thanks for all the nice comments), but this string project takes no thought so it is easy enough to grab a few pieces here and there and make a few seams. Originally, I started this project (in early June) as part of Judy's May challenge to use a piece from the stash thinking I would use that dark blue background (which so closely matches my dark gray carpet that it might be hard to see). My scrap bin was seperated into 2 piles and all the pinks, blues and purples were put near my sewing machine to be sewn into Chinese Coins (inspired by Mary's beautiful Chinese Coins!).
You can see - here and there - strips of little squares - those are the left-over edge pieces from cutting the sewn strings down to 6" (the rows are 6" - same width as my favorite ruler). I think they add a little bit of interest.
This photo shows what my progress looked like in early June. I must say, it has made a good dent in my scrap bin - but the big piece of dark blue background is going back into the stash... It looks so dark and dreary. I am thinking a nice bright turquoise solidish type fabric will look great with these strings as the alternating bar color with a sunny yellow inner border, turquoise outer border and scrappy pieced binding. Or bright pink. Or even bright orange. But not that dark blue, certainly not that one fabric I was intending on using! So much for meeting the challenge of using A piece of fabric from the stash, but I did make pretty good use of all those strings!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I love strings, your are no exception! Great contrast, can't wait to see how you set them together.

Mary said...

turquoise would look really good with these - I was just looking at some turquoise fabric in my stash yesterday that I haven't figure out what to do with......maybe I'll use it for one of these HeartStrings Chinese Coins quilts.

Susan said...

Love the strings! Agree with the brighter stripping idea. Lots of options there.

Shelina said...

Evelyn, those strings look great! I especially like your idea of adding interest with those squares. I agree with you that you need a different sashing fabric. I am going to have to make strings one of these days!

Vicky said...

I vote for turquoise, my new favorite color!

The coins are wonderful! Can't wait to see it finished!

Jeanne said...

Your strips look terrific. I agree a bright color would look good with your colors.

Jeanne said...

Thinking of you ... hope you're enjoying your summer.
Jeanne :)