Saturday, July 14, 2007

Still not forgotten

Yesterday France celebrated Bastille Day. On July 1 Canada celebrated Canada Day. On July 4th the USA celebrated Independence Day. Interesting that these 3 countries celebrate very similar holidays so close together (and if I left out another country, sorry!)
In a nod to all those who have served their country, standing up for what they believe in - here are some interesting photos of John Taylor's gravestone, a US Revolutionary war veteran.
In the US, all the service men and women ... each and every one of their gravestones should have some sort of marker indicating their service to the USA with a flag. Each war has its own marker.

How many of you have seen a Revolutionary marker? Can you see the Minute Man in the center of the 2nd marker (scroll down to see the other 2 photos)? Being from New England I often frequent very old cemetaries, this one in particular, and in Feb. and March, while tidying up a nearby gravesite with my sisters and brother-in-law, as our boys sipped hot tea from thermoses, I walked over to John Taylor's final resting place and snapped these photos.
His flag may be a bit tattered from winter winds, but John Taylor is still not forgotten.


Mary said...

Boston is one of my favorite cities and I always visit the old graveyards when I'm there. I followed the Freedom Trail on my last visit and saw the graves of Paul Revere, the victims of the Boston Massacre, and Samuel Adams

Susan said...

I love old cemetaries, too. Some of my friends think I'm crazy, but the history of them fascinates me, the things they put on markers, or didn't put on them. We were in one cemetary where they had put pictures of the children buried in the family plot - right on the stone, with a typed entry about them. I like the idea of marking them in the way you've shown. I have seen the rounded and pointed white stones for the Union and Confederate soldiers.

sophie said...

Here's one more for you list. Canada Day is July 1. Detroit and Windsor throw a big party during the first week in July called the International Freedom Festival with fireworks over the Detroit River (boundary between US and Canada).

sophie said...

Oops. I read your message again and saw that you already had Canada day ... I guess I was distracted by the nice images.