Sunday, August 26, 2007

Spare Tire

Thinking that this pattern would be a good stash buster, I cut this quilt out last fall from a bunch of old blue and light pastel prints. I am not sure that I entirely like it -the pieces seem large to me - but it is already cut out, partly pieced, and since I can't seem to settle on a new pattern to work on, this will do. After it is all done and quilted - I am sure I will like it just fine! Why, I am already thinking about a backing, so it must be growing on me.
In this photo, I have some pieced segments laid down on the floor, ready to be pinned together - no pins yet - hence that little pair of bare feet you see - chasing a balloon. He ran into the photo so quickly (or at least part of him ) that his head didn't quite make it!
A good lesson learned - it is nice to have a quilt all cut out and ready to go when you are at odds and ends about what to do. Call it my SPARE TIRE! Next time my creative quilting juices are flowing, I will remember this and cut out an extra quilt to put away for just such a time. Because even though I can't decide about what to make right now, it is good to be able to sit at my sewing machine here and there and make progress on something (without having to make any decisions)!


Lindah said...

Oh, I like this quilt. Simple design, but alive. Ha, the Spare Tire Concept. It's a really good idea. I hadn't thought about it until now, but when I am in a quilting slump, it often is the started-but-not-finished project that bridges me back into the creative mode and gets me quilting again. I think you are on to something there! :-)

Norma said...

I love your "spare tire" idea!

Mary said...

I like the blues and the pattern. Sometimes its at this stage when I question how well I'm going to like a particular quilt - usually I go on to love it!

I don't usually have a quilt cut out but my strings serve that purpose for me. I usually have at least one string quilt in progress that I can just pick up and make a few blocks when I don't want to start or decide on a new project.

dot said...

I like this quilt. The colors on it are wonderful.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

It's always good to be able to simply sit and sew... I call it mindless sewing sometimes, but I need that. Just the hum of the machine and the rhythm of feeding in the pieces... heaven! I love that photo with little feet chasing a runaway balloon.

Shelina said...

This quilt is really pretty. The large spaces will be perfect for a nice quilting design or some bluework!
What a wonderful idea to have a Spare Tire ready to make when you don't want ot think.

cher said...

this is a nice design Evelyn-calm and moves your eye around. I have too many projects around here! Until I deal with them, there is heaps to work on :-)