Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Early Morning Visitors

Early yesterday morning I looked out the window and saw these visitors... Momma pheasant and her 2 chicks! She is usually very shy (unlike the male who is often at this spot - I showed his photo earlier this summer) and it is unusual for her to be so close to the house. BUT the back field was recently mowed - so in order to get to the yummy flowers/seeds that they like to eat, they came closer to the house - the back slope is not mowed yet and the grass is very deep. You actually can't see the top of the chicks heads when they are in the deep grass - here they just jumped up onto the rock. Momma kept a very watchful eye the entire time.
I did try to post this yesterday, but for some reason Blogger only posted the title - no photo or text! So, I am trying again today.


The Calico Cat said...

what kind of early morning visitors?

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Awww... they're so cute! Thanks!

Patti said...

Hey there Evelyn! Long time no "see"! I've finally had a chance to catch up on reading your blog. Couldn't believe it - the last post I'd read was June 15th when you modeled your beautiful yellow skirt and white blouse that you'd just made. Youve had a very busy summer. Sounds like you had a touch of the "quilter's blahs" that infected so many people this summer. I like your blue and white quilt - simple and perfect for sewing on now.

You are in with good company when it comes to star quils - it's so easy to find star UFO's in thrift shops, etc. that were never finished because they look like a mountain peak. At least you stopped sewing before you created that. I love the way you've made lemonade out of this lemon by putting them together in a different way.

I see you weren't feeling up to par this summer. You are always so full of energy and get so much done - sounds like you just wore yourself out. I sure hope you've gotten past that and are feeling back to normal.

Hopefully I can keep up with my reading from now on - I've missed you!