Friday, August 17, 2007

A Garden Visit!

Little Boy and I made a visit to a beautiful public garden this week! He is such a happy gardener and was just thrilled by the variety of plants and flowers! I was so hoping that he would like it because it is a bit of a trip to get there (about 5 1/2 hours round trip, but then again - we live in a remote location so he is used to traveling - if we want to go anywhere it is always about 5 hours round trip!). Believe me, sometimes I think long and hard before venturing forth on an outing!!!
We had a private 1 hour tour with a golf cart and he very excitedly kept hopping in and out of the golf cart to smell the flowers! By the end of the tour his little nose was stained yellow! The guide was pretty impressed with his knowledge of plants, their names, how carefully he stepped around them, deadheading, shade plants vs sun plants, the ones that butterflys and humming birds like, etc.! Well, we do spend a fair amount of time puttering around with our plants and anytime I tell him anything - he is like a little sponge and just absorbs it all right up! Just last night I was running to the internet to look up the proper names for different types of clouds. One thing I like about our gardens - I always figure that if he has a water hose in his hand - it is a bit like a dog leash - he will be right there at the end of it!
He was surprised to learn that roses have individual names (not just "rose") and we spent a fair amount of time at the roses while he ran from one to another asking the names of each one!
We had some tea (yup, my boy likes tea!) and he even got to "play" a bit on the big lawn while I finished my tea (ah, bliss for Momma!).
We saw some very pretty gardens! There was a hedge maze, a spiral garden (the spirals were made out of sage), an all white garden (lovely!), bright colorful gardens, all kinds! The fun thing for me was to see what does well in this cold Canada climate; I have some ideas about what I want to plant next year. And this month - well, Little Boy and I have plans to move some of our plants around a bit - gardening is always like that, I guess.
To remember our visit we bought a few new flowers and a bird house. And - one of the gardeners pulled up a clump of pansys for him to bring home too - he was so excited that they had them - "just like our garden at home"! Except, a-hem, our garden is not exactly "just like" a public garden with tons of gardeners on staff! But, shhhh - don't tell Little Boy - our garden just shines in his eyes!


Fiona said...

How lovely that Little Boy is so interested in plants - it's such a shame that more people don't get kids interested in them.

Gail said...

I am always amazed at the things you come up with to entertain little boy- plain, simple, the kind of things that kids should be doing, instead of video games and dvds. That is one lucky little boy!!

Susan said...

Gosh, he's really growing! It just hit me with these pictures. So what does he do to entertain himself on the drive to and from these places you go? I can imagine he might have been sleeping on the way home, after all that hopping in and out! What a great "field trip" for both of you.

Dawn said...

Oh look at how big he is getting! What a cutie he is. He probably knows more about flowers and plants than I do!