Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A little fabric shopping

I was lucky enough to have enough time to do a bit of fabric shopping this last trip away - Marden's and Joanne's. Most of the fabric is from Marden's. Here is a photo of my purchases...
Left - hopefully this stripe will work for a current project. Thread, elastic (for LB's pants) and interfacing - boring I know, but all necessary! 2 fat quarters (I actually got 3, but 1 isn't in the photo for some reason), 1/3 yard cut of mottled fabric that LB liked and the bottom 2 (turquois and rainbow-ish ziggy zaggy) are fabrics for inner/outer borders of the big Scrappy Bargello I made this spring. Next row over - 3 small cuts of novelties (the helicopters and construction trucks - for LB - he wants either a strippy quilt or pillowcases), a nice stripped twill and cordoroy (both fabric for LB's pants). Last row over - 1 yard of the blue star fabric and I think 1/3 yard cuts of the red and stripped fabrics. Should keep me busy for awhile and add a few newer fabrics to my working stash.
I am finding that I really like to buy 1/3 yard cuts... I learned a long time ago that it takes AGES to use up 1 yard of fabric. Then I started buying 1/4 yard and got wrinkly noodles everytime I put them through the wash. And since I am trying to USE up my stash and just add a bit of new stuff here and there - 1/2 yard cuts seem excessive. So, 1/3 works for me. The average price of a yard of fabric at Marden's is $2.88 so 1/3 yard cuts are VERY kind to the budget too - grin!


cher said...

yes, smaller yardage is working better for me, though I still will splurge on certain colors/patterns.
nice stash additions! and lots of great stuff for LB

Joyce said...

I wish we had a Mardens around here. Fabric is quite expensive here but I do make it to Joanns in N. Dakota quite often. Your fabrics look so fun.

Susan said...

Fabulous yardage! Bright and cheery, who could be grumpy working with those fabrics? I always buy 1/3s when I'm buying batiks for no particular purpose. I like that I can usually get a 12" piece the short way - it's easier when you are doing a big applique in one piece.