Monday, July 21, 2008

My Pinwheel Quilt

"Ooooh, it is pretty Momma! Is it for me???!!! Can I get on it? Can I? Can I? Can I?"
Now, I know that some of you have a dog or cat that likes to get into your quilt photos... I have a darling Little Boy. Obviously he REALLY likes this little pinwheel quilt that just arrived from being quilted!!!... You might remember this quilt - I think it was last summer that I finished it up and then I was wondering about the small size, should I grow it, should I add borders??? Keeping in mind - I had pretty much run out of the fabrics I was using. Finally I decided that it was a fine size, all done - and sent it off. As these photos will show - finished is definately much better than on the closet shelf!!!
Anyway - here is the series of photos I took this morning - trying to get a nice, flat photo of the small quilt - Hummm - not exactly nice and flat, but certainly 100% precious. LOL!

And then he just had to climb right under it to check out the snuggle factor. It passed. With flying pink colors!
So what do you think? I am thinking that this quilt isn't leaving the house??
And, a close up of the quilting/backing. Not even backed in his favorite flannel or fleece, so I am a bit surprised!
I actually had a few more quilts to photo too, but well - you see what happens! More to come later!
This quilt - all from SCRAPS except the solid blue and backing!


Shirley said...

It sounds like he is in quilt love and will never let it go. Thanks for sharing him & it with us. The pictures he took are very good. But really Oklahoma has the worst rest areas for sure. Shirley

Laurie said...

another great finish...and LB is just tooooo adorable!

Darcie said...

Oh...too cute for words!!! Enjoy!

Mama Koch said...

I think it passed the LB test! Isn't that exactly why we quilt?!

cher said...

the jump of approval for sure!