Friday, July 25, 2008

Crazy Quilts

Here are some photos of the beautiful old crazy quilts that were on display at our quilt show earlier this month. And a few close-ups of the detail - I liked the little chicken saying No Pie!

We also had some modern takes on the crazy quilt too - a cake! and wall hanging.

And finally - a little project I've been working on... I've made 12 of these 6.5" squares - foundation pieced on phone book pages. I won't be making any more this size because they get fiddly to work with when they are so big, yuck. But, I perserved to 12 and will call it good - these blocks are going to be centered either in sawtooth stars or hole in the barn door blocks. NOT my original plan, but you know what - it is always OK to change your plan! 12 will be just fine and by the time I add the rest of the block components, sashings and borders - the quilt will be bed size which is what I was shooting for anyway!

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Mary said...

I'm in LOVE with crazy quilts. Since I don't have time to start one, I'm practicing my embroidery and beading on postcards for now.