Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Snow Day

I made SB a new fleece robe this week. After playing around with my serger I finally figured out that it was out of alignment - needs to go to the shop. Fortunately fleece is easy to sew on a sewing machine - last time I made SB a robe was 2 years ago and it just wasn't going to fit this year - and with cold weather fast approaching - a new robe was a must! I spent extra time on it - topstitching all the seams - I really like that look. I didn't cut the fabric upside down - the print runs both ways depending where the pattern falls on the robe. Anyway - no sooner do I get it finished - but look what he sees out the window this morning? SNOW!

And here is a photo of my crazy apple tree - it lost its leaves a long time ago but those apples are still hanging on!

A friend came over today with her 2 kids - and while the kids ran in and out like yo-yos to play in all that delightful snow, we made bread and rolls. 20 cups of flour, phew - that is a lot of bread! The kids were happy to help with the kneading part, the making little balls for rolls part and of course, the eating part. A commercial kitchen comes in handy for big baking projects! It all went so well that next weekend we are planning on doing cookies together.


Darcie said...

You always have such great action shots of SB! But that "hands on" picture of the bread-making...that is priceless too! What fun!

sewprimitive karen said...

Hey, those apples are interesting. I've read about varieties that hang on in the winter. Are they still edible, I wonder?

Susan said...

You get the best boy shots. I love the one of him kneeling in the snow! One of these days, I'm going to break down and try that Shakespeare in the park pattern you love. =)