Saturday, October 06, 2012

Where we stayed in Fundy National Park

I am working on updating my business website, which required a little get-away trip.  It was a mini-getaway for our family too, which was an added bonus!  We were only able to stay 2 nights, but it did help break up all the driving we had to do.  My son and I looked on the internet before leaving to pick out a reasonably priced place to stay - he loved the idea of staying in these "smurf" cottages.  These cottages are right in The Fundy National Park.  Let me tell you, Fundy National Park is wonderful!!!  Similar to Arcadia National Park, but 1/8 the people and 1/2 the price!  So, we stayed here. - Fundy Highlands Inn and Chalets.  The hosts, Pierre and Anne-Marie were very welcoming.  Pierre knows the park trails very well and  helped me with picking a hiking trail that DH could manage with his bad knees!   Really, if you are looking for a place to stay in Fundy Park, I would recommend this spot.  Plus - free wi-fi - something I really needed during this trip!  Sometimes I can go a few days without, but since I am taking 2 college classes on-line this semester, I really needed to be able to log-in and do some homework.

We really wanted a place with cooking capability so this little kitchenette was perfect!  Very well equipped.  We brought 1 cooler of food from home and stopped at a big grocery store along the way to stock up the 2nd cooler with cold goods.  There is a variety of restaurants  down in the town of Alma, plus a little store where you can pick up groceries, but we really like having our own food with us!  The bakery in Alma is really good - we stopped there for a fresh baked bagette to go with our meal one day.  Yum!
Here is a photo of the main room.  Like a little squirrel house!  It is a bit off-season and chilly at night - but there was electric heat, so perfect!  This cottage really reminded me of the style cottages my grandfather used to build - old fashioned and homey - it brought back happy memories of when we used to stay in one when I was little!
And this was our view while we sat outside on the deck and ate!  Very peaceful and relaxing!  The grounds are really well-kept too.  I especially liked the flower arrangements that are still in bloom in October!  I liked it so much that I am planning on returning again next year in the Spring.

I will write more about our trip in another post!

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