Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Happy Summer Memory

 Cousins coming in from an afternoon sail. My son and one of my sister's sons. They are 3 years apart. When my son was born, big cousin came right over...and was so disappointed!  He wanted a cousin to play with! My sister and I both laughed and told him to give it a few years. Well, a few years later they were arguing over everything and I do mean everything! How did my sister and I live through that? But we did. They did. And now we can laugh about it.
 A selfie. sitting on the beach waiting for them to come in.
 My view...After those boys were safely in. Really, those 2 boys were out of sight. I would have gone crazy if my sister wasn't there with her eagle eyes - she could see a tiny red dot...waaay out there, that was them!
 Bringing the boat up.

15 and driving! It is an automatic with power steering and good brakes, so they are better off than when another nephew and I (a nephew the same age as me since I am the youngest of 7) learned how to drive an old dump truck at the age of 12!

Anyway, my nephew (my son's cousin, well shoot - all my nephews are his cousins, but I mean this cousin who is 3 years older than him) has been in the hospital all week and finally had surgery on Monday. Looking at a couple of months recovery. Not easy for a kid.  My son had called him 2x before the surgery while he was laying in the hospital bed twiddling his thumbs.  The tube came out yesterday but the pain not under control until today, so my son got to talk with him for a few minutes today. Cousin love.  Of course they can go months and months without talking, but if I tell my son his cousin is sick, he wants to call him right up.

Christmas Eve. Wishing you all a healthy holiday. Are you a little sad? Nostalgic for times past? Volunteer and spread a little joy. My sister spent some time volunteering gift wrapping the other day at the hospital. And today, the highlight of my nephew's day was when the therapy dog visited. On Christmas Eve. Yes, he is 15, but still a child and sick and not home for Christmas. Doggie cuddles helped.

And some photos of my incredibly strong sister who seems to be able to handle any medical emergency (and there are many) with calmness. Every patient needs an advocate. She loves action and adventure, being outside and smiling. Hospital rooms are handled with knitting needles in hand.

I do not know how I would hold up if I were in her shoes. It is so hard for parents to see their kids in pain. You just never really know what someone is going through unless you really know them. Give strangers the benefit of doubt, and practice spreading kindness.

So, tonight, I am thankful to be here with my little family of 3. Yes, I miss my big family, but I am right where I belong. We had fondue dinner at 4 and presents at 6. Lego building has commenced. And we are watching "Home Alone", in German.  Tomorrow - stockings in the morning and then we will go to my DH'S brother's for Christmas lunch.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Just doing what I have to do! Your Sister

Doodlebug Gail said...

I understand how hard it is to see our children in pain ..... no matter what age. Hope that your nephew's recovery is on track with what the Doctors expect. Love the photo of your son and his cousin - they look happy. Is this the same cousin who is sick?