Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Laundry Room Curtains

Ta-Da! The door and window used almost 10 yards. Great green and white checkered drapery weight fabric from Marden's for $1 yard. The check looks pretty big in person, but when you hang it up - it all works out. Love it! And look how well it goes with my green AstroTurf carpet AND green linoleum walls. How could I resist? Every laundry room should have AstroTurf carpet - much cushier underfeet than cement and surprisingly long wearing - plus if there is a flood of some sort - well, it is ok. So, yes, I have a really green laundry room now. I am absolutely thrilled with these new curtains.

Before curtains... besides the fact that the sun pours into the room and makes it really hot... look - you can SEE the mop bucket just inside the door. Yuck. I like to keep the mop bucket in front of the utility sink though because it is a logical place to put it! And those other curtains on the window never fit right - partly because there is a wall right built against that far window - part of the window is actually in another room (water tank room). Weird, I know. These things happen when you live in old, funky places. The last owners put them up and this room is so low on the priority list that I just tried to ignore them. But really, enough is enough!
Here's a view from the outside with no door curtain and a crooked window curtain. Ignore my empty planter - I need to get some more mini shrubs which seem to do really well in this spot. If not this year - next year will do.

Here's a different angle of the room. My LARGE folding table which is actually fairly high because I am tall. It is just plywood with plastic table cloth material stapled on it. Makes a great cutting table and also, there is lots of storage under it - mainly I keep things under there to donate, camping supplies and my sons outdoor toys. Behind the door in the top left is my linen bookcase tower for all the sheets and towels. Behind the ruffly curtain (wish I had more of that green fabric, I would replace these curtains too) is a water tank room. 2 huge water tanks.
I bought 10 yards of this fabric (if I go back and they have more, I will get enough to make the tank room door curtain). I used almost all of it in the laundry room and had a little snippet left over - perfect for this funky bathroom window. I call it a funky window because - well, have you ever seen a 2nd story window that goes down to the floor? When we moved here my son was crawling around and I had a carpenter climb up there on the outside and nail this rick rack over the window. MY son wasn't going to fall out of that window! Oooh - see my new deck out the window? It is coming along!

There is a small bit of fabric left - I am thinking it is probably enough to make a nice little tote bag.


Tanya said...

The curtains look great and I love how you have organized your laundry room.

Not Lucy said...

An I thought I had a funky old house long ago. We have finished all our remodeling/additions after 27 years and now it is fairly conventional!

Lindah said...

Evelyn, you are so resourceful! The curtains look so fresh and nice. By the way, I love old "funky" houses with all their little niches and surprises and places to make do... real personality! I think I would really like a Marden's out here in my town, too. $1/yard, yes I would really, really like a Marden's out here! :-)