Friday, July 10, 2009

A Small Finish?

A finish - a bit small in size (33.5" X 44"), but not small in effort. Because - I quilted it myself on the sewing machine, using my walking foot and SITD. The edges are a bit ripply, but it will probably not be so obvious once I send it through the washing machine. I almost never do my own quilting. I am glad that I used a ziggy/zaggy fabric on the back - helps hide the quilting oops. A fun quilt, all from stash. To be washed this week and put away... waiting for Christmas. Perfect for a baby in my ever growing family... my son has several new cousins this year with another expected.

I didn't use a pattern... I just sewed 4 1.5" strips together and then cut that segment into 2 matching 4 1/2" squares. Sliced those through the middle and sewed it all back together again. Set on point and alternated with solid squares, also set on point. Added a narrow border and binding.


Now that the walking foot and green thread are off my machine... I can get back to making curtains. I hate switching my machine back and forth between projects, so once I started up on this again - I made myself finish it. Phew.


After curtains - I need to get started on my fall knitting - but that is another post! I am looking forward to my knitting because after a long day on my feet I really enjoy just sitting down and relaxing with it. I've been really busy around here.


Lindah said...

Oooo, those colors are terrific! Good job!

Brenda said...

I think that is a really great little project!! Nice and bright and happy - and I love happy!!
I hope you can get done with the curtains so you have some down time with the knitting needles here soon!! that sounds just about right, a nice warm sweater!! it is doing the cold thing here again, so knitting sounds great!!

Shasta said...

It is really pretty. The only way you can get better is through practice.

Laurie said...

very bright and cheerful...i love it!