Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter Knitting

The past few knitting projects, sigh.  They aren't bad, per say, just not exactly what I expected. 

First up, I made my sister this little key-hole scarf.  I like it alot, but she is a much better knitter than I ever will be and with the chunky yarn and plain knitting - you can see uneven-ness.  Still, it is nice and soft and I do like the design.  I might try to make it again some day, but add some sort of pattern to it.  This is Debbie Bliss Chunk Cashmerino.

Then, I made Omi a little knit hat and matching scarf.  You might remember that Omi gave me her knitting needles so I thought I would make her a little thank-you gift.  I used Baby Alpaca Brush yarn from Plymouth  yarn and it is nice a soft, but I think a bit itchy around the neck when I tried out the scarf, plus it tends to shed.  Also - the scarf is a bit smaller than I would have liked, but I was out of yarn.  Still - it is wearable - either the way I have it in the photo or the other way with a scarf pin of some sort.  I have no pin so just tied it in the back for the photo.  The hat makes up a bit on the small size with the yarn I used, but Omi has a small head so that is perfect.  I think she will like the set.

My winter hat was "lost" so I had to make another one.  I used a stiffer yarn - and the fit just isn't the same.   When I first put it on - I like it.  But - it works itself up into a peak while I am wearing it.  Sigh.  Like I said - just not the same fit as my lost softer hat.  If any of you have a link to a pattern for a winter hat that has a nice rounded top - please do share!  I like a hat that I can pull down over my ears - this new style of hat that just barely covers your ears is not for me on a cold, winter day!  My Nana used to knit really nice rounded hats with a brim- she almost always used a brown/tan tweed like yarn and put a small pom pom on the top.  I loved those hats, but that was many years ago and I don't have one.  Whaaa!   In anycase, I figure that I will wear this hat for the rest of this winter, knit myself a new hat and give this one to Goodwill next year.  While this hat wasn't the perfect fit for ME, someone else might really like it.

Then, I tried to make a little bag to slide my cell phone into.  I thought this yarn would felt/shrink - but it didn't really.  It just isn't what I wanted.  I am going to line it, probably put a little zipper on it and make a button loop closure for it.  It will be cute when finished - but I don't have the zipper/button, right fabric for a lining to finish it just now so I've set it aside for a bit.  I have one more skein of this yarn - it is only 33 yards per skein, but that should be enough to make 2 phone cases.  It is The Cat's Meow brand yarn that I picked up somewhere on clearance - the company went out of business.

My favorite knit item this year has been my beautiful Honeycomb Mittens.  The wool is so nice and warm and I wear them every day and they barely show any sign of wear.  In the fall I made my son a pair too and my DH a pair (but on DH's I used a slightly different pattern).  I will definately be making this pattern again and again - as needed.  The yarn I used for mine was from Brown Sheep Company - Lanaloft Worsted Weight, that you can find here .  Recommended needle size is 8 and I used a 5 - so it is nice and thick (warm!).  But - it did take 1 1/4 skein of yarn - I hate that!  DH's and my son's mittens are made with Briggs Little yarn.  The pattern is from Homespun Handknit - Caps, Socks, Mittens and Gloves.  I did add a purl row before starting the pattern and ending the pattern to help define it better, plus I did not do the thumbs as suggested - I like to put my thumb opening on a safety pin.
Other than the mittens, I've been at odds with my knitting this winter.  Nothing seems to catch my fancy or I don't have the right size needles or the correct yarn on hand.  But - I've still managed to used up alot of yarn!  2 skeins for the keyhole scarf, 2 skeins for the hat/scarf set for Omi,  most of 2 skeins for my stripped hat (the left-overs will make perfect mitten stripes), 1 odd-ball skein for the little bag, and the wool I bought specifically to make the mittens.  I have 1 skein of sock yarn and will probably cast on a pair of socks sometime this week.  I also have a little bit of baby yarn that I can play around with  - except it is pink and my family keeps having boys!  Still, I think a few little baby hats will keep my fingers busy.  I will be happy once I use up the yarns I have on hand.  I think it is very hard to find a pattern for yarn and yardage you have on hand - I much prefer to find a pattern I like first and then go buy the yarn specifically for that pattern.  So one thing I won't be having - a yarn stash!

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Brenda said...

Good for you!! I think you knitting looks good, so don't pick on yourself!! And the hat looks like it should - wintery!!! I like that scarf with the hole, it just makes sense, and once it's on, any uneven knitting won't show - and were you doing it for a prize?? No, so leave it alone!!! It's great just as it is!!! I enjoy reading what you are up to - I love your creativity and spunk I guess is what's it's called!!! You are an inperation to people to just be happy where you are and to do the best you can and enjoy what you are up to!!! I like your mitts to - they do look warm!!