Friday, February 19, 2010

A week in February

Ta-Da!  My Disappearing Nine Patch.  I think I will put a narrow cream inner border and a wide brown outer border (will have to buy the fabric first).  I wasn't sure I would like it - but I really do!  It makes me think of warm tropical beaches - somewhere with lots of flowers, sandy beaches and beautiful water.  Yup, it makes my February a little less gray!  It was a good choice of a pattern - something fairly quick and easy.  I still have trouble breathing and get very tired even ironing or sewing for any period of time.  It is that cold winter air - does me in everytime I go outside.

It has been a busy week!  My son is on school vacation and I have been busy trying to keep him occupied.  At first I felt badly that I didn't make any plans to go to the mountains, but with my breathing - it all worked out for the best.  And - we have kept busy and he has been very happy!
Saturday we went out to a shopping center - a  new favorite of mine because there is a big grocery store and the tram drops you right off at the door!  The mall was full of people in costume for Fashings so I thought that would be a bit of a fun grocery shopping trip!  There was also a professional troop there with very elaborate costumes for Fall, Water, Winter, Fire, etc. but it was very hard to get close to them as they were doing a dance to music... but I got my son a spot on the 2nd floor where he could look down and see everything.

 The only thing - the grocery store was jammed pack and I couldn't deal with it -so we ended up not getting any groceries!  I had a few items I wanted for our Chinese New Year's Menu, but decided it would be better to improvise instead of battle the crowd.  And, in keeping with Chinese New Year's Eve tradition  - I throughly cleaned my house for good luck.  Why not - it is a good February tradition to have, I think!
Sunday we went to the park for a bit of sledding fun - there is a hill a bit further on.

Monday we ran errands.  Tuesday was Fashings and we went downtown to see the parade - which was fun and festive even if a bit cold!  This float was from a bakery and they were handing out free krapfins to everyone!  A krapfin is like a jelly donut, but not as sweet.  Soooo good!  In the photo you can see my son's little hand getting his treat - we had a perfect spot to watch the parade!  His gym had a children's Fashings party last week and his costume was a knight, but it was too cold to wear to the parade, but there were many spectators in costume, so that was fun.

Wednesday we ran errands and were up in the old part of the city.  Here is the view looking down the hill (I swear, all old cities are built on huge hills!).  OK - can't get that photo to load HERE - so just scroll down!
While out, we also stopped at the game library.  They have over 500 games here - X2.  1 copy is for in-house playing only and the 2nd copy is available for borrowing.  You can keep the game for 2 weeks.  So, we came home with 2 games and have been having fun playing them several times a day.  Believe me - in 2 weeks I will be ready for different ones!  The game library is a wonderful resource and I am so happy that it is available to us!

Look where else we went!  Not for long - although I could have spent all day there!  Many rows of fabric, lots of notions, etc.! I didn't buy any fabric!  Nope.  Just a pants pattern for my son.   But at least now I know where the fabric store is! 1 tram and 1 bus ride away.  My friend showed me how to get there (the one I am teaching to sew) and while there she purchased her very first pattern for a simple dress for her daughter and the fabric.  As soon as she gets that fabric washed - we are going to start the dress.
Thursday he had a 1 1/2 hour workshop at a bakery making baked goods.  It only cost 3 Euros and the people who were running it were fabulous!  The kids had a great time (he went with a friend) and they came away with bags  full of their baked masterpieces!
Today he had a 3 hour craft class at the Children's Museum.  They started out with paper mache-ed balloons and created puffer fish using crepe paper, markers, craft supplies, etc.  His is almost finished - they gave me a dowel to drape more crepe paper off of to make seaweed and then I am supposed to attach the fish.  Really cute and he had fun!  Then we spent another hour at the museum playing.  The entire thing was 5 Euros, which means it was basically free because the admission to the museum costs that.  So, I was happy that I was able to get him reservations for both the bakery and the museum events.  I am feeling pretty proud that I am learning the ropes here and finding things to do, even with my limited German! 
In the meantime, I also had another sewing lesson with my friend!  We are working on her Trip Around the World - 1 complete segment is all done so progress is being made!  She is not going to believe how quick it is to make a dress compared to making a quilt.
Tomorrow is another day and we are off to see my husband's brother. It is a few hours by train so we will stay overnight and come back on Sunday.  It is very cheap for all of us to take the train because we have a family pass which gives us a great discount and my son is free on the pass. I find it pretty amazing that I can go by train for a couple of hours cheaper than I can take a taxi several miles within the city.  I've only taken the taxi 2X here - once to bring my DH home from the hospital and the other time to rush my son TO the hospital.  So, I guess they are worth their fare too.
Speaking of hospitals... last week my DH had his 3 month post-cancer scan /blood work and everything looks great!   His next scan will be in October.   To celebrate he brought me home these beautiful roses!

Anyone still reading?  I really should try to do shorter posts more often, but I am sooo tired by night-time that I go to bed!  My days are so busy.  I just figured I best post something today before all my news grows into a novel!  Besides, I have an Aunt who checks up on me via my blog and I don't want her worrying that I've dropped off the face of Earth!  In anycase - that was my week in February - the weather continues to be gray, gray, gray - spitting snow or rain depending upon the day, but we are keeping busy while waiting for spring!
And now I'm going to sleep - because I have a train to catch tomorrow!


SandyQuilts said...

How pretty it turned out. You're right it reminds me of the beach too.

Brenda said...

of course we are still reading!!! You have so many interesting and fun things to talk about, I don't want it to end!! Loved that fabric shop!! I have seen some like that, but I am so used to having the bolts right out for you to easily feel and grab, that that almost seems to much!!!
Loved the museum and the bakery stories!! And that parade!!! Wow!! You are creating memories for me, and I have never been there before!!!

Love your quilt!! It is going to make you feel brighter and warmer and you are not going to have this breathing challange much longer. I am so happy you have found women to share your talents with. Teaching someone to sew is something I have not done alot of, and here you are teaching how to quilt and make clothes!!! Great skills to share, and learn!!!

Have a great trip to the brother in laws - that is a cheap way to travel. And I am so glad your hubby is doing good - and that it will stay that way, you listening up there??!! He is staying healthy!! And the flowers were a very sweet thing for him to bring you!!
Have a super weekend!! And I am glad you are learing your way around town!!

Quilter Kathy said...

Great job on the disappearing 9 patch! It looks so fresh and spring-like!

Laura said...

What a great quilt! So pretty and colorful. Glad you DH is doing well.

Anonymous said...
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Shirley said...

Ok I'm not your Aunt! I've never even met you. But I also get nervous when you don't post. Like when your DH got sick. I'm lovin reading about your city its so different from rural Oklahoma, USA. Thanks for the read. Shirley

Jeanne said...

Congratulations on your husband's good report! Hope that's the first of many.