Thursday, December 23, 2010

Concert of... Boots

One of my nephews is in a school choir - they go to school EARLY to practice.  They just had their series of holiday concerts.  I didn't go to the night time one at school, but they had another performance at the local senior center during the afternoon that I went to.  It was a full house, I tell you and very well received.  Here are some photos of the great art work that the school had on exhibit in the hall.  Fun, right?
What struck me as very funny, as the kids were lining up and trying to get into position - how many were wearing Ugg boots.  I think my feet would be too hot if I wore boots all day as shoes, but it is the very "in" style statement in this area!  There are 17 kids in the choir and here you can see 5 pairs of Uggs!  I wonder how many more kids they would have if practice was after school instead of in the wee hours of morning before school!  Based on the size of the class, 17 is a very strong turnout.

It was a great concert - the kids all worked hard and put lots of spirit into their performance!  It was so nice that they were able to be bused over to the Senior Center to give this extra performance.

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