Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sadie's Cone

Remember my jogging buddy Sadie?  It is too cold now for me to be outside much because it bothers my athsma and all the bad weather bothers Sadie too.  Poor Sadie - since the arrival of snow and ice and SALT - she licks and licks and licks her paws and gets them all split and sore.  She has a mighty limp going on right now.  The only way to get her to leave her paws alone is to put on the cone.  Doesn't she look like an angel dog with her halo?
She is such a sweet dog and just loves it when I come over - here she is trying her hardest to get in close to say hi - except that cone thing hurts when she bangs it into your leg.  Ouch!
Here is her "little sister" Sophie.  Sophie is a mini Australian Shepherd.  My sister has always had labs and full sized A. Shepherds and Sophie is the 1st mini.  She is ever so soft and energetic.  And she loves to steal anything you put down - last time I was over she stole my sneaker before it was completely off my foot!  Last night I held on to them as I took them off and put them in the closet - but believe me - she was standing right there at the ready.
Their very beautiful Christmas tree!
While we visited I worked on my sock.  Almost done, but I am thinking I need to rip back a bit and start the toe decrease further up?  I don't know what happened here because usually I knit until I am a few rows above where my big toe starts and then start decreasing and get a perfect fit.  This time - well, I still have 2 toes sticking out.  No problem, I thought I would just add a few more rows but this is needing more and already my sock is starting to have a chimney.  Hummm.  Any ideas?


Brenda said...

yes, those cones do hurt!!! my pup (12 yrs old, but still!!) just had to have one on because of stiches in her paw. She hated it. So, I already had the product "Bitter Apple" in the house, and sprayed it on her paw so she would leave it alone.... It Worked!!!!! She didn't have to wear the cone anymore, she was happy, my legs were happy and she left the stiches alone!!! I thought it was just to stop puppies from eating furnitue and things - the chewing they do, but I now think it's to stop animals from biting at themselves. Maybe try it for Sadie. "
Grannicks' Bitter Apple - Taste Deterrent For Dogs. The Powerful Taste Deterrent Invented By A Pharmacist In 1960. Discourages Fur Biting, Hair Chewing and Hot Spots."

And the cones make it hard for them to eat or drink water too!!! I was glad that the bitter apple let Zoe go free from it!!!

i have never made socks, so no help here on that one!! Happy New Year to you and Yours!!! I think it will be a good one!

Lori said...

I know nothing about socks. Yup, not catching the sox pox. I see a fiber optic angel on the tree. I have mine sitting underneath the tree--never had many presents to crowd them! Sadie is starting a new fashion with her winter necklace.