Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Still wool-sock weather

I don't always blog about the socks I am knitting - here are some of the pairs I knit over the winter.  The bottom ones (purple) my friend knit for me.  All of these are my favorite socks.  I also knit 2 pairs for my son, 1 pair for my DH, 1 pair for a gift this coming Christmas and I currently am working on a brown pair as another gift. 
Happy Feet yarn - so warm, soft, cushiony!  I highly recommend it!  That is the dark pair on the top left.  The cuff has a fancier than usual twisted stitch and I ribbed K2, P2 down to the toe.
Kroy yarn - well, it is Kroy.  I have always thought Kroy was the best until I tried Happy Feet.  Kroy feels a bit more like you are wearing wool socks.  You feel it - but just a tiny bit.  Kroy socks are the blue/teal stripped ones and the autumn-y, subtle stripped ones.  My favorite rib - K3, P1.  Works up much faster than K2, P2.  Again, I ribbed down to the toe.
The solid brown pair I think is Reynolds yarn.  Love, love this yarn, so nice to work with!  Except the skeins run a bit on the small size hence the shorter leg on this pair.  What was I thinking when I started K1, P1 and kept that up for the entire sock - ribbing down to the toe, I have no idea!
The purple pair that my friend knit for me as a gift - Opal yarn.  I really think Opal is the itchiest out of all these pairs, but it is a nice warm pair of socks.  My friend ribs just the top and then switches to a knit stitch all the way around.
So here it is almost July 1 and I am STILL wearing wool socks most days.  Yes, the temperature has been staying in the mid-50's.  Brrrr. Just TRY growing tomato plants in this weather.  Well, that is my excuse and I am sticking with it!  Only just yesterday did it start to warm up. And today it is even warmer so I have on my summer socks.  Can I dare hope that the coming days are going to be warmer than the weather we have been having?  Well, in anycase, I think I am pretty well prepared in the warm sock department!


paula, the quilter said...

I agree, Opal is scratchy. I'm working with a brown & pink yarn from knitpicks.com. It is Stroll in a color called Cupcake. Stroll is nice but the Felici Fingering is soooo soft. And it is affordable. The brown socks: even tho it was k1p1 and a pain in the patootie to knit they look fantastic!

Amy said...

they look like some warm and comfy socks... so sorry it is cold still.. it has been chilly here in the evenings.. but supposed to be 102 on Thursday... UGH..

Hanne said...

Lovely socks :-)
I still wear wool socks too.

Melanie said...

We've had the same cool weather you have.... It would be different if we had a warmer Fall season, but it just doesn't work that way.

Love the socks...

dot said...

nice socks, I haven't tried Happy Feet yarn, will have to check into that. I have Opal but haven't knit any socks with it yet.