Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Cape Enrage - Zip Line Fun

We went to Cape Enrage in Alma, New Brusnwick on our little get-away and School Boy mustered up the courage to try the zip line.  Have you ever read a Scaredy Squirrel book?  That would describe my son to a T.  Mr. Safety with multiple back-up plans and 100 reasons why something is too dangerous to try.  At first, when he saw the zip line, he said NO WAY would he go up there.  But then a little girl, smaller than him went, plus her siblings.  Then a group of older folks went (one man was 92 years old - their oldest zipper).  So, he decided it might be ok.  He checked out the double harness system, the helmets, and thought... well ok.  I didn't pressure him, but I told him that if he wanted to try it he could.  He was worried, "what if I don't like it?... can I go only once?"  I told him 1X would be fine, at least he would have tried it, but he wouldn't know if he liked it or not if he didn't try.  So he went.  
Coming in for a landing after the 1st run - he was all smiles.  You can see he had a firm grip on that rope, LOL.
He told me his legs were "a little wobbly"!  Of course, he went all 3 times (you get 3 runs) and had a blast!  I think something like this is a huge confidence builder!  He was so happy and excited and loved the photos I took of him.  Well, now I know he likes it, I will be on the look-out for a longer zip-line.  This one is fairly small but for a first time experience, it was perfect!

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Kristie said...

That looks like so much fun! I noticed your quilts on your sidebar and they are beautiful! I have one of those Shakesphere in the Park quilts started, but sadly it is a UFO.