Monday, October 01, 2012

Jack-o-Lantern Time!

Last week the grocery store had a huge box of pumpkins.  Of course, School Boy wanted one right away.  Well - might as well because once the store sells out - it is a "quick" 8 hour round trip to the next store over... or if you want to go to more than one store, then figure on 12 hours.  So, I know it is early, but sure beats going all that way for 1 pumpkin.  So, I said yes.  And he got that big one... and as soon as we got it home he was hankering to carve it, although I thought it was a bit early.  Oh well, why not?  He is leaving mid-October anyway - let him have fun.  So, I traced the design on the pumpkin and then turned the knives over to him and DH - I just don't have the nerves to watch.  Well, that went so well, we ended up getting the 2nd pumpkin for our neighbor.  School Boy's nearest and dearest friend and I think she is 98.  We went to the Dollar Store for the lights to put inside and I got one of those very cheap pumpkin carving knives for all of $1.  My son and DH said it was worth every penny.  So, if you are going to carve a pumpkin this year - get one of those funny looking knives!  They come highly recommended in this household!
My truck's radiator hose is leaking.  Last week School Boy and I went to try to find a replacement - 4 stores and 2 countries later we had to settle on ordering one.  Anyway, the store called the other day that it had arrived.  I wasn't up to going today so DH went (he was home 8 hours later - see why I didn't want to go - I had already been just a few days ago to get it the 1st time around!).  Instead I stayed home, did about 6 loads of laundry, vacuumed, mopped, cleaned the small fridge to get it ready (we are shutting down the bigger refrigerator and freezer tomorrow), cooked 3 square meals for my son, and "relaxed".  In my down time I picked back up on book that I wrote and illustrated last year that I would really love to get published.  
Finally DH gets home with the working vehicle and SB and I have to run out for an errand.  On the way home we noticed a rainbow so drove over to the cove so I could get a good look at it too (not such a good idea to be looking at it while driving!).
Well, that was my "day off".  Tomorrow I have a quiz for school and Thursday I have a big test.  I have tons of paperwork to do.  And I guess, we might as well hang up the orange Halloween lights even if it is just for the next week and half.  Trying to be festive...

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Jan Mac said...

Thanks for sharing your days. I love to read about your comings and goings with the weather opposite to what we are having here in Australia.
It's been good to have you blogging again.
Hugs, Jan Mac