Saturday, November 30, 2013

Brown Sock!

Size 0 needles - I have now turned the heel on the 1st sock.  I don't really like to knit socks with just 4 needles at the heel gusset - I prefer 5.  In Austria usually sock needles are sold 5 to a set, but in the US and Canada you get 4.  Anyway, I find it easier to keep track of the heel gusset stitches when I have just gusset stitches for each side on their own needles - that way the heel stitches and across the top of the sock stitches stay the same.
The pattern is Gravel Grid Socks.  I don't really follow entire sock patterns because I have my own "base" so to speak, but am using the pattern design.  

A photo from our train ride today (excuse the window glare) ... we went outside of the city.  Graz tends to stay warmer than the surrounding areas - we have no snow... but there is a bit of snow once you get outside the city.
I am a day late for the weekly knitting link-up, but I had M*A*T*H homework and then we were away for the day... but you can still take a look at everyone else's knitting goodness at Judy's blog, "Patchwork Times"


Mary Johnson said...

I dislike DPN's so I use two circulars and knit two at a time. I love that both socks are finished at the same time.

Judy S. said...

Nice sock! Tiny needles though... Brrr, those photos look chilly.

straythreads said...

beautiful photos I always enjoy seeing where other blogger live. great socks love the stitch pattern

{Geo}Holly said...

Hi Evelyn - I have followed your sock making for a long time and always wanted to learn to make them so I have ordered these needles you recommended and the getting started book you recommended not long ago and will *try* to teach myself to knit socks. It will be like learning a foreign language - strange, awkward, challenging - because I am not a knitter. I've only knit a dish cloth or two. But I am up to the challenge and I don't quit easily. Thank you for making it look so fun. :) You make socks and love synonymous. Much like quilts.