Saturday, October 24, 2015

Children's Theater...In German

Just a quick post...I am typing everything with 1 finger on my phone! This week I hope to set myself up on my son's laptop as a 2nd user and then things will be easier. I am still holding off on getting my own computer...Christmas is coming, my son has a school ski trip in Feb, etc. He has a laptop for some  homework assignments and is at school all day, so it makes sense for me to use his during the day...For the time being. But these Google accounts make it hard for me to do anything as ME until I set myself up as a 2nd user.

Anyway, I went to a children's theater this week in Graz. The story was The Lion King, so I knew the theme. The age group was maybe 6-8 so the language was simple. There were 2 actors and 1 person who did the music (a dear friend of mine which is how I found out about it). The program was about 45 minutes long and in German.  And I was happy, so very happy to understand about 60% plus of the actual words, the rest I could pretty much fill in with my knowledge of the story. My German lessons are starting to pay off, slowly.

The program was held at the library.  What a lovely room!

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