Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fall soups

When I am in Austria, I enjoy cooking. The grocery stores are maybe a 10 minute walk away and I walk by at least 2 of them everyday, so if there is a missing ingredient, it is easy enough to pick up.  I also like the Farmers Market, which is open every day except Sunday until noon. Actually, all the stores are closed on Sunday unless you go out to the market at the train station or gas stations.

This is a roast chicken breast cooked with broth and flour to make a gravy and root veggies. Yum! The other meat (legs, etc.) was used to make broth, which we love for our soups plus it gives us a bit of plain meat on the side. This is a great left over meal too, for those days when we are late due to sports or something!

I like to look at the sales flyers and see what is on sale. I try to enjoy whatever is in season. The end of summer it was tomatoes and zucchini so we were eating a lot of that. Now we are moving into fall squashes, apples, etc. It is all good! On weekends we enjoy a roast chicken or other slower cooking food. And broth! Every week we make at least 1 batch of broth.

I can not say enough about having a good homemade broth on hand. I try to make extra to freeze, but we generally eat it all up in soups. Here is a beef version...I used most the broth making mushroom soup. The piece of beef is down there somewhere! I pureed some of those carrots as a thickener along with potatoes. This version of soup has just a little milk in it so much healthier than cream based version!

Generally, I will cut pork in 1/2 and freeze it. This time I did not. This was stuffed with cream cheese and olives and wrapped in bacon. I used the leftovers, cream cheese, bacon and all, in a yummy soup...using homemade broth. There was not 1 piece of roasted garlic left over because we ate all that with our bread!

So,  it is defiantly soup season in my household! I enjoy cooking during our slow days and having leftovers in the fridge for days when we are a bit more rushed.

Recipes? OK, this week I will pay attention to my measurements and what I am doing when I make a soup. And I will share it here with you all next Sunday! And hopefully YOU will have a recipe to share with me next Sunday!

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{Geo}Holly said...

Oh wow, that looks delicious. It's getting to be soup season here, too. There's nothing like a hot bowl of soup with some crusty bread on the side.