Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Heart Swap Top

I love to make blocks! This quilt top is the result of a 10" heart block swap that I did with quiltchat.com about 7 years ago. Just a small collection of odd heart blocks which I finally decided to make into a top. So this is an old UFO which is now ready for the longarmer!

Well, first off, I needed more blocks! So last summer I made the connector blocks and the 4 heart blocks that are the same and pieced them all together. I got both block patterns from the book Once More Around the Block by Judy Hopkins. Last month I added the green inner border and was at a stand still until I bought enough yardage for the final border. I'm not totally convinced about the bright pink outer border, but that is what I came home with, so that is what I used! Even at that - I had a hard time finding a calico that sort-ov went with - seems all the fabric stores now have newer styled prints in inventory. Just another reason to hurry up and finish some UFO's while I can still buy similar fabrics for the finish.

Blocks were made by:

Row 1: Me, Elissa Murray, Inverary, Ontario, Me
Row 2: Margaret Cook, Welland, Ontario and Carol VanderMolen, Summas, WA
Row 3: Rachel Smith, Rohnert Park, CA, Me, and ???
Row 4: June Brandon, Baltimore, MD and Susan Steward, Ch'town PEI
Row 5: Me, ??? and Lucinda Mayo, San Ysidro, CA
Row 6: Lucinda Mayo (2nd block) and Rachel Smith (2nd block)

Although not a favorite, all in all, I am pleased with the final result. Much better than a pile of lonely blocks in the back of the closet!
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Cathi said...

I like the pink outer border...nice job!

Samantha said...

Great job finishing it up! itlooks quite sweet and lovely.

Laurie Ann said...

Way to get those UFO's out of the closet! I like it.

Hanne said...

A heart quilt is always cute :-)

Patti said...

I think it looks great Evelyn. It will be perfect to bring out in February. Congratulations for finishing another UFO!

Linda_J said...

sweet top--maybe it will grow on you? At least it is going to see the light of day instead hiding in the closet or something.

Dawn said...

I like the pink outer border! It adds a great spark around the hearts! What fun!

Gail said...

Hanne is right, heart quilts are always good, give it a chance, I bet when it is completely finished you will like it more.

Bonnie said...

Wonderful finish for those old blocks.
And I love your green ocean waves on Saturday's post.

Darcie said...

Cheers to you for finishing! I bet it was fun to bring out again and recall all of the blocks. I can't wait to see what your quilter does with it!

Screen Door said...

Good job. I like the heart quilt. There's something about having the heart blocks given to you.Kinda neat.


Finn said...

I think it turned out fine Evelyn. Working with odd blocks is definitely not an easy peasy project..good for you for finishing it up!!

Laurie said...

Great quilt! Hearts are fun to make!

cher said...

great job on finishing that ufo Evelyn!