Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day! Even if you don't have the day off, may everyone take a few moments sometime during the day to stop and be thankful for the fruits of our labor. Posted by Picasa


Hedgehog said...

Gorgeous photo, Starfishy!

Nadine said...

Oh, this photo is so romantic !

You really have a cute, brave little boy ! Bravo !

ForestJane said...

Happy Labor Day to you too!

Finn said...

Hi Evelyn, dropping by to leave a hug for you and LB..*VBS*An a belated Happy Labor Day weekend..we all labor, and a break is nice..*S*

Great pic of him. Is there a date for returning to Austria?? I guess I never knew if it was a "one time thing" or you make the pilgrimage reguarily..*S*

It's been such fun getting to know you in both countries...and if you are returning to Austria, I'll be you'll have more stash with you than you took last year...LOL
It was a big challenge. I remember reading some of those first posts where you were deciding what could be used for what..and lamenting the lack of everything. Seems like a long time and many quilts ago. You do get an amazing amount done with a busy toddler!
Hugs for being you, Finn

Linda_J said...

ohhh what a sweet, sweet picture of Little Boy.

Samantha said...

lovely photo of little boy!