Monday, September 11, 2006

Peace in my home

9/11 and I see many posts regarding peace. I think we all wish for world peace, but world peace is a bit out of my realm! However... peace at home is a different story!

For me, peace begins in my own home. For me, peace just doesn't "magically happen". We all have stress, emotions, demanding schedules, etc. The challenge for me is how to establish balance in a helter skelter world! Over the next few days I will share some of the books I've been reading this summer, all of which, in some way or another, help me stay on track with my goal of having a peaceful home.

I don't have tons and tons of uninterrupted time to read. I have to fit reading time into my day. So, most of my books are easy to pick up and you don't even really have to know exactly where you left off - you can start reading in any place and get something out of it.

First up would be this book:

Peaceful Parents, Peaceful Kids - Practical Ways to Create a Calm and Happy Home by Naomi Drew (ISBN # 1-57566-608-1). The book outlines 17 Peaceful Parenting Keys. From the very first key of "Peace begins with me" to the 15 day step-by-step plan to peaceful parenting in the back - this book is wonderful! I especially like the 15 day plan in the back as I follow along in order almost every day and then repeat again when I get to day 15. Of all my parenting books, this one is a true favorite and following the lessons and incorporating them into my daily routine - has really helped me! Each chapter also lists additional resources so if you want to find out more information - there is not 1 list (for parents), but 2 lists (the 2nd is for children!).

I would recommend this book to anyone! Although geared toward parenting, we all have daily relationships and this book is a wonderful reference on how to go about creating harmony in relationships. I would especially recommend this book as a gift to any Mom of children of any age or for anyone who works with kids on a daily basis. The book provides lessons that can help you teach your kids (and yourself) life-long skills in problem solving, being a good listener, dealing with anger, and tons more! For US$14 - how can you go wrong?

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cher said...

hurray for promoting peace within your self and your home-it always begins with yourself and your family-thanks so much Evelyn for recommending this book. I will put it on my next book buying list trip.