Sunday, September 03, 2006

Magazine Cover

I got the photo to load using Picasa - Blogger won't let me upload this picture. Anyway - this picture of the magazine cover for Fons & Porter's goes with the post I just wrote. Posted by Picasa


Susan said...

I totally agree with your rant. I haven't read the article, because I quit buying their magazine a long time ago, but I'm sure your report is accurate. My longarm quilters, and almost everyone I knew when I was in the business, are wonderful people, who give hours and hours of time to both charities and their clients.

Elaine Adair said...

I enjoy the magazine, and the TV show, and when I saw the 'flavor' of the article, I didn't even read it. After I read your BLOG, I r e-read it, but discounted it as "fluff" -- Did not give it a bit of credence - just a filler.

Thanks for your BLOG. I enjoy each time I visit.