Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Stockings

Look what I found in a box this summer while cleaning out a closet! My Nana made the 2 red stockings probably more than 25 years ago?... and I made the bigger one about 13 years ago out of many different fabrics from the sewing scrap bag (WHAT was I thinking, LOL!). Nana always made us all kind of fun things when we were kids. She was such a good sewer! Look closely - maybe you can see the chunky yarn she tied them with? Anyway, 1 red stocking was made for my nephew - my Nana would neatly pen our names on everything she made - that was my clue! The other red one wasn't labeled - perhaps an extra in case needed? Last time I saw my nephew I gave him the 2 red stockings so now he and his wife have matching stockings made by his Great-grandmother. Perhaps a happy twist of fate that the 2nd stocking was unlabeled and the 2 are now a pair!

About my little rhinestone trees I showed in my last post (they are about 3-4")... I bought them in some little antique-y type shop in Graz, Austria, although they aren't antiques. If I remember correctly - the shop keeper told me they were made in Croatia? The store had a big variety of them and I kept going back and buying just one more and then one more... etc. and now I have eleven. I like them - they are small and not very fragile - both good things as I always seem to be moving, plus they are pretty and my Little Boy just loves them too!


Finn said...

Hi Evelyn, Merry Christmas to you and yours!! *VBS* I'm gradually getting back to where I can read again. I love the stockings. What great fabrics you used in yours! Even some suitings it looks like, and the fun deer scene across the top. I think giving the reds ones to the previous owner was perfect. They are such clever socks, all pieced like that from scraps.
I scrolled down to see your "trees", and they are delightful. I think I would have kept going back, and back, also!! And each is so individual. They would be fun to make with junk jewelry, or maybe even buttons. Hugs my friend, Finn

Laurie Ann said...

Those trees ARE quite dazzling. I see how they would be addictive! Wish I could jaunt over the Austria and pick some up! :)

quiltpixie said...

what wonderful trees! I'd be going back for "one more" like it was the cookie jar too :-)

Sweet P said...

Those trees are very sparkly and beautiful. I think I like them more than a regular Christmas tree. The Christmas stocking are great too.

Laurie said...

Those stockings are precious!!! What treasures!

And those gemstone trees...well, I can see why you had to keep going back!

dot said...

I like the story of the stockings. What a great gift to your nephew and his wife. The crystal trees are wonderful. I meant to comment last night but didn't. I would have also went back for one more and one more and so on and so on. I liked the pictures of the cookies also. We had so much fun with cookies when my kids were little. I will have to find a picture and post it. Merry Christmas.