Saturday, December 23, 2006

Shakespeare Stars

No, I am not sewing on holiday, but I have these photos already in my computer so thought I would update my Shakespeare progress - as you can see, I am up to the stars. You need 18 little dark stars and 18 little light stars (and then you have to make more small stars to go in the bigger star blocks, but I like to do everything in sets so I start at the number 18). 18 dark stars almost done - when I get back I will tackle the 18 light ones.

All these little pieces are enough to drive a person to distraction and it is about at this stage somewhere that I wonder why I didn't pick out a pattern with bigger pieces! Just start pinning and keep the pieces in little rows of 5 so you will know when you have 18 sets done. A little hint when you are cutting all these small triangles - a new, sharp rotary blade is a big help! My DH was reading a cookbook at the table - keeping me company while I suffered through all this pinning! It really isn't that bad, but just don't get distracted at this stage and wander off to another project or else you might never want to return to make all these little stars! As you can see by the 1st photo - I kept at it until almost all 18 dark ones were finished!

I made almost all the star points scrappy - less to keep track of that way. Here you can see my very favorite, little pair of scissors that I use to clip threads and dog ears (dog ears are the little triangles that poke out when you are sewing triangles!). Aren't these cute - I always think I should use the cutting directions some day to make a Flying Geese border on a different quilt!

A seasonal photo - every year downtown Graz has a beautiful nativity ice sculpture - it was a bit warm this year so was slightly melted by the time I got there with my camera, but here is a photo anyway!


dot said...

Great progress. I like the ice sculpture. I am getting excited to start my Shakespear in the Park by watching your progress. I must finish my current project though.

Simonetta said...

Beautiful stars. Merry Christmas, joy, peace and serenity!!!!