Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Photo collages

Photo collages from 1) March, 2) January and 3) February.

March: We found a bucket full of meteorites at the beach (photo shows just a handful) which then involved lots of books from the library about comets, asteroids, the solar system, rockets, etc. Fun times playing with Thomas trains. And, both Little Boy and Momma got some good care packages in the mail from DH! We also discovered that Little Boy is highly allergic to chap stick with fragrance - ouch! Quick trip to the doctors to put my worried mind at rest, phew! Plus - lots of bike riding on the warmer days. Oh - and we got to see bunnies, puppies and chicks - surely spring is right around the corner? Actually, March was much warmer than April has been.

January since leaving Europe - the light is wonderful even if it is cold. Yes, I do shovel that driveway all by myself! I couldn't resist a photo of the empty beach parking lot... And, don't you just love a happy dog by the fire?

February - a cold month, but we had lots of fun outdoors anyway.

*Even though we don't have any of our own pets due to traveling, there are lots of family members with pets that we enjoy!


Dawn said...

I can see you have been busy! YOu always have such a good time with little boy! He is a sweetie.

Happy Valley Quilter said...

Great pictues. They provide a fun "peek" into you life.

Sweet P said...

You are a great mom. You are teaching Little Boy so much about our world. I'm sure he is one smart boy already.

Karen said...

Hi, Evelyn, love the outdoorsy snowy pictures and Little Boy is getting big.

Darcie said...

Such wonderful pics, Evelyn! Sweet P is right...you're an incredible teacher and one terrific Mama! Little Boy is very lucky!