Monday, April 28, 2008

Bathroom sinks

When you have a little person in tow- you have the opportunity to see lots and lots of public bathrooms in your travels. As far as being clean - I don't think you can beat an Irving gas station - especially those Blue Canoe ones. Besides the fact that there is almost always fresh coffee on! I do limit my coffee on a road trip - opting for water instead - but you know, sometimes a fresh cup of coffee just hits the spot. Irving excels at having clean restrooms and the truck stops even have extra facilities for truckers which I am sure they appreciate.

This is a photo from a Wal-Mart bathroom. These are the new sinks that seem to be going in at many public restrooms and they are very nice for 2 reasons... 1st off - by expanding the size of the sink basin and eliminating the huge countertop - Little Boy manages to keep his sleeves/jacket front reasonable dry while washing his hands. Many times I have to change his fleece jacket when we get back to the car after a trip in to a bathroom. Not that it is really the sink users fault that there is water everywhere - most bathrooms have those super high powered air dryers now without a paper towel in sight - so how is one to wipe up the water that spashes onto the counter in the first place? LB is pretty sensitive to the noise - those super high powered ones, yikes! so we don't even use them - I usually have paper towels in my bag and if I don't - we pat down our hair with our wet hands.

The 2nd great thing about this sink - it has a little black sensor - wave your hands in front of it and out comes the water. Turns off automatically. A great water saver, I am sure, but also very nice that you don't have to touch a faucet that may not be so clean after washing your hands.

As usual - I had to pick Little Boy up so he could reach the soap dispenser, which you can see is up above his head in the photo. It would be nice if they started installing these things a tad bit lower. But at least the sink is nice!


Laurie said...

Great picture! I just LOVE the one of LB in the previous post...and your day sounded like heaven!!!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Wonderful idea about being a bit more child-friendly with the soap dispensers.

ForestJane said...

Oh, lordy, he's getting so BIG! When I first started reading your blog, he was a little thing in diapers. :)

Great pix of him, especially the closeup in the previous post.