Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Perfect Day

What makes a perfect day? The other day was a day much like any other day (day-off at least) of my life. Nothing exciting. Nothing unusual. But it just seemed to flow, you know?

I enjoy my morning coffee and a bagel with garden cream cheese. Mmm. Quickly browse the internet. Morning cuddle with my son. Make the bed. Vacume (something that always makes my son pick-up his toys!). Mop. Clean the bathroom. (I like the smell of a clean house!) I putter around my office, getting a few things done that need doing while my son plays with his trains. Laundry tossed in. Lovely noon meal - DH is a good cook! Dishes done. Switch laundry over. Play outdoors. While it is still cold, the sun is out and my husband and I sit in the sun, drink tea and just enjoy watching our son play (ok, so actually we are re-charging our batteries after racing around the yard giving our son wheelbarrow rides!). We go and take some photos - I am teaching my son how to use the "big" camera. I sew a bit (while Little Boy creates a new Lego creation). Fold and put away the laundry. We eat again. Do the dishes. We watch some TV together (Scooby Doo). Bath time. Bed time. A beautiful child sleeping. Quiet couple time. A good sleep.

Nothing special, but everything so special. I took this photo. My perfect day.


Darcie said...

I agree...every day is a perfect day! Enjoy!

LOVE those friendly eyes and angelic smile!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

He is the picture-perfect portrait of precious.

Doodlebug Gail said...

Lovely photo! Glad that you had such a perfect day.

Mary said...

Now that's a photo you'll treasure always - beautiful.