Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Finished Again!

* Purple Strings Again 62" X 87 1/2"

Anyone remember this one - I finished it in November. Then I decided to "re-arrange" things a bit (oh, just change the direction of the strips, among other things - easy peasy right?) and got to work with my seam ripper. I'll tell you right now - I hardly ever ever rip. Honestly. See this quilt? I made it in March of 2006 and as soon as I sewed that 4th block down on the right - I KNEW the piece was wrong. Did I rip? Just 1 little seam. Nope, I did not. So why I ever thought I was going to rip out rows and rows on a scrappy string quilt (which doesn't even really have a "pattern" anyway!) is just beyond me. But that was the plan - back in November.

I started to rip and then ripped some more. And then shoved it into the closet... until today, cooped up inside due to rain I started poking around in that closet. I spread everything back out on the floor and took a look. And then decided it would be so much easier just to put it back together again the way I had it instead of trying to re-orient the quilt. You know what? Sometimes it is easier to start over than to try to fix. Which is why I hardly ever rip in the first place - I usually will just let my mistake be and keep right on going. And as an afterthought - this quilt really doesn't need to be "fixed". It won't fit my queen bed, like I had originally wanted, but it fits a twin just fine... and you all know that is a good size for a couch snuggle quilt too, right?

So, Purple Strings is finished. Again. And I even have a BIG enough piece of fabric for the backing. Here is a close up of my little anchor block, the funny frogs on the outside edge - see you CAN successfully use lime green in a purple quilt! and if you look closely - the very top fabric is from a sun dress I made my Mom in maybe... 1985? Scrap bins are amazing things, yes? Oh the memories!

I plan on binding the top and bottom with lime green and the outside edges with dark purple.
And, yup - I think I did use up almost all my purple/pink/blue scraps! That leaves yellow/brown/green/reds in the scrap bin. Hmmm.


Laurie said...

i love the fact that you rarely rip! Only God is perfect! More power to you Evelyn!

Doodlebug Gail said...

I really like that string quilt and I remembered the anchor block right away when you posted.

Can't wait to see what you have planned for the next lot of scraps.

Elaine Adair said...

ya know - I like it with that bit of 'error' in it. Any viewer will begin to think about it - adds character. Glad you have left it as it.

Mary said...

I'm so glad you just put it back together. I'm another one who rarely rips out mistakes and as you said....NOT for a string quilt!

It looks great and I love twin size quilts as sofa quilts - you can really wrap up in them.

Amy a.k.a. dragonryder4 said...

I love this quilt ! I have plans for a chinese coin quilt sometime in the future when I weed a few things out of my UFO pile :)