Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Flying Truck & Tractors

As usual, I found the driving part of the trip long (the Canada/Cape Cod route), but we did see some interesting things along the way! The flying truck & tractors is on Route 9 in Maine - near the Calais end (Route 9 can seem endless, but is beautiful with lots of hills, rocks, mountain views, old farmhouses, etc.). The farmers are burning the fields and you can see the smoke in the tractor photo. A good portion of the fields are already done but we saw some good fires as we drove by.
So - now onward to the unpacking and getting re-organized after being gone for the past few weeks! More photos and news to come.


paula, the quilter said...

I bet Little Boy was happy to see those trucks and tractors too!

Laurie said...

how fun! I'm sure Little Boy loved his adventures with mom!

Mama Koch said...

They are flying tractors! How fun for Little Boy!

Did you get to do any sewing while you were gone?!