Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hopewell Mud!

I am sure that most visitors to The Hopewell Rocks have photos similar to my little photo collage here... the collage feature does crop some from each photo - for example, the full photo of that amazing cloud does have some rocks in it too! These are still unedited - some time this winter I will probably play around with my favorites in Photoshop. Maybe! I am always soo busy - I just keep taking photos and figure that some day I will get a chance to organize them and play around with them, etc. Kindergarten is right around the corner afterall! Right now I figure the important thing is actually in being out there and doing, doing, doing... I can sort and organize photos later - or who knows, maybe I will just leave that task to my grandchildren, LOL!

So - back to the Hopewell Rocks - my big question is this - how many people have photos of such a muddy Little Boy in their Hopewell Rock photos? Oh - he had a GRAND time smearing mud all over himself turning into a mud monster. I tell you - the Japanese tourists (must have been a tour bus) were lining up to take their photos with him (after politely asking, of course!). And this behaviour would perfectly explain why a full 1/2 of his limited wardrobe usually lives in my car! That mud is well known in the area!

With a little break in my schedule we scooted off for a 3 night getaway. Hopewell Rocks is one of our favorite destinations and once again we weren't disappointed.

Photos like these sure are nice to look at after coming off a long series of double shifts. Was that 2 weeks ago already? I tell you - time flys. Go out, take photos and enjoy... today - because today will be gone tomorrow.


call me crazy said...

LOL I would say he is having a great time! :-)

Alycia said...

Oh What a cutie - Defineatly ALL boy huh *grin* My boys would love to help him get muddy!

Jeanne said...

Eeeeew! Looks like someone was having FUN!!
Jeanne :)