Sunday, August 03, 2008

Blue quilt blocks progress

Well, I managed to sew the 13 main blocks together for my Rainbow Around the World quilt.

When I start a quilt I often like to start with the most time consuming blocks - once I get those done I know that the rest will go faster. It keeps me motivated to keep going!

I've moved my sewing area - again. This time it is in the kitchen - which just so happens to be very close to our bedroom. Little Boy likes it when I sew at night while he is going to sleep - he knows I am near. Believe it or not - I was able to get all these blocks together during my evening sewing this week. I am thinking that I really like my sewing area in the kitchen - and the ironing board! It will do for now - in the winter I will probably have to move - again - because the kitchen floor is very cold in the winter. A funny thing is that this past winter my sewing area was in the warmest room of the house - but very far away from the main rooms - and I always felt a bit creepy sewing there at night by myself. Obviously I am going to have to put my thinking cap on for a workable/warm/not creepy sewing area!!!


Amazing what you can do in bits and pieces. I was thinking maybe I was too tired to sew at night and that maybe I would like to watch a TV program instead - but really, there isn't too much on that interests me anyway. I've switched our cable from a full-blown line-up down to basic - a huge $50 savings a month. There wasn't anything on before and now - even less so, LOL!


I wonder what I will get done this week? The bigger pieces are up next so it should go faster!

And just in case you forget what I am working on - here is a photo from the pattern - Rainbow Around the World.*

Oh - and go on over to Ohio Quilter's Journey blog ( for a post about inspiration and all the interesting comments!


Some photos from our foggy week. While the tourists don't really like fog, Little Boy is very happy with a fog because his allergies aren't too bad! All that moisture keeps the pollen in check.


By the way - it isn't lobster season in the summer -which is why everywhere we go we see piles and piles of lobster traps. The whole lobster people are eating right now were caught in the spring... the things haven't eaten in a long time so that is why there is so little meat in the shells - they are starving! Much better to buy whole lobster when it is in season and the shell is full of meat. Don't ask me why people always seem to want to eat lobster in the summer!!!


Gail said...

That new top is looking really good. I have moved my sewing spot over the years,too. Always for convenience and proximity to the family. Now it is in an upstairs bedroom, since all have grown and mostly left home. Love having its own space since I can leave things out and not have to set up and break down every time I sew. Where are you wintering this year?

Laurie said...

the blocks look great! it's super that you love the sewing room in the kitchent too...when my sister's kids were little they loved going to sleep to the hum of her sewing machine!

KathySWFL said...

The top is coming along really nicely. Love the colors. My sewing room is actually the family room. We turned it into my sewing room/office and still have a small sitting area there as well.

Donna said...

The quilt looks great so far. I love the colors. Can't wait to see the completed top!

Tazzie said...

I love the blue blocks, and with the little bits of red thrown in, they're just lovely.

MARCIE said...

I bet your little boy is content to hear the hum of the sewing machine so close and know you are close. Maybe in the winter you could lay down a rug in the kitchen. Your blue quilt is great!