Monday, August 04, 2008

Stack of Quilts

2 ladies asked me yesterday if they could come over today and see my quilts. All of them or one in particular, I wanted to know. All of them. So, here they are - minus 1 still to add to the stack. The ones I've kept anyway - many have been gifted. These are the quilted ones - I have another stack of just tops.
They gave me a big hug when they left so I guess they had a good time!
Almost all of these quilts are BIG, bed sized quilts. Just recently I have started to make smaller quilts - they still fit the top of my queen bed but with no overhang. The smaller ones are definately easier to show, but I do love my big quilts!
Little Boy loves ALL of these quilts, big and small - here he is giving the pile a big hug!
And just an interesting not on the usage of the word "love" in the English language... unfortunately my memory is only good enough to always let me remember just enough to get things mixed up and into trouble, but I seem to remember that it was maybe the Ancient Greeks who had 3 words for love... eros, agape and something else? So, you could love your new boyfriend, love your Momma, love pizza, etc. and each individual word for love had its own defination/level of love associated with it. How cool is that? English actually does not have as many words in the vocabulary as some other languages.


The Calico Cat said...

I have heard that the Eskimos have a lot of words for snow.

em's scrapbag said...

Your little boy with the quilts is darling. My daughter loves to do the same thing. She hauls them allover the house. They are often used for tents and to make beds for all her babies. Most of my quilts are smaller than yours.

cher said...

nice stack and of course LB is always fun to see hugging the quilts

Candace said...

I love the way a stack of quilts looks, and your little guy looks very comfy.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Isn't it wonderful to have your own son as your biggest cheerleader? Well done on an impressive stack of finished quilts. I'm sure the ladies enjoyed every minute of the quilt visit!

Esteemarlu said...

Hi Starfishy,your LB is so cute on top of those quilts. I wouldn't mind doing something like that.LOL!
Your quilts are just beautiful. You should be very proud those ladies wanted to see your quilts, who can blame them.

Rebecca said...

Your little boy is just darling. I think our kids would get along just fabulously! Your pinwheel quilt is beautiful, with or without the wrinkles.

Shasta said...

I would have LOVED seeing your quilt show as well. You make such beautiful ones.

call me crazy said...

What a neat photo! :-) And how fun to have a private quilt showing! I'm sure your visitors loved every minute. :-)