Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Finish Plus 9 1/2 yards

I finished adding the borders to my blue scrap quilt yesterday during Judy's Quiltathon! The photo quality isn't great because my favorite camera lens for quilts is broken, but this will give you a good idea of how it looks! I am pretty pleased with it!!!

And on the shopping front - now you all know - I hardly EVER go fabric shopping. Would you if the fabric store was a 6 hour round trip journey?
Right. I thought not. Anyway - this week School Boy and I made the trip - we just so happened to have a few business errands near Marden's. And when you know that you are going to be in the near vicinity of a store that sells fabric at $3 a yard, well - you just have to make a list so you are prepared, you know?

I did actually get 1 yard that was on the list (that blue in the top left of the photo is for binding Shakespear in the Park - since it has been back from the quilter for some time now!). The rest... well... you see - School Boy just loves flowers. I swear - that boy will invent the next great rose of all time - full of beautiful scent, bug/disease resistant and able to grow in Canada's cold climate - wouldn't that be a wonder? In the meantime, we can make rose quilts!!! So - he picked out those top 3 BIG rose prints. Not my top pick but it IS fun (and a bit of a challenge) to let him pick out the main fabrics and then go with that... With a bit of quick thinking I figure that we can cut the big prints at 6.5" square (1 yard of each - might have been 1.5 yard of the biggest print there) and add some co-ordinating prints for log cabin style strips - so 1/2 yard cuts of all the co-ordinates. That should make 3 quilts in all? Maybe. Everything else that was on my shopping "list" - I just didn't see anything that caught my eye - and very sadly they had virtually 0 selection for that extra wide backing fabric that I like to buy. So - no backings for the quilts that I have ready to send out to be quilted and no background or sashing fabrics yet for some quilts that really need them. So in other words - if SB wasn't with me I would have probably just bought the lonely 1 yard. Oh yes, nice to have someone else to point my finger at when it comes to fabric purchases, LOL!
Oh but wait, wait, wait... they do have a super fab selection of Waverly upholstery/drapery fabrics at $3.99 a yard. Absolutely to die for!!! Since I have to go back in 3 days anyway - I didn't buy even 1 yard - I am going to go through my bag and apron patterns, plus measure a few windows in the next few days and go back with measurements in hand. Let's face it - as a quilter you just don't want these kinds of scraps - I want my measurements to be as accurate as possible!
On the way home we stopped at a nursery and SB picked out 2 pots of orange Mums and 1 of burnt yellow for our fall flowers - to match our pumpkin on the step. Ah, yes - he is happy! And did I mention - I am tired? 6 hours of travel for 2 hours of shopping/errands - it can be a bit much. And we didn't even get him that pet fish he has been hankering after (a Japanese fighting fish)- that would have been 2 hours in the OTHER direction, sigh! Next trip! Tonight - I am going to put one of my quilts on my bed and go to bed early and have sweet quilty dreams! If I am too tired to quilt, at least I can dream about it, right?


katie z said...

I like the rose print on the left. All in all, it looks like fun!

Shannon said...

Love, love, love the quilt!

I like Shakespeare in Blue, too. I've always wanted to make that quilt.

Laurie said...

sounds like a fun the scrappy blue quilt as well!

Randi said...

The quilt is gorgeous!

Shasta said...

Your scrap quilt looks great - like mosaic tiles. Congrats on a great finish!

I'm glad you aren't done with your SITP. Makes me feel less slow.

Doodlebug Gail said...

Oooohhh, what lovely fabric purchases! I'm doing some catching up tonight - SB is getting so tall. Wow, Kindergarten already - bet he loves it. You've been so busy - take care of yourself and enjoy the Fall weather.

Don't forget to show what drapery fabric you buy - what a bargain at $3.99!

Elaine Adair said...

Wow - do I ever love that first scrappy quilt!!!! Did you have a starting point? pattern?

Sue R said...

It's fun to do something with larger pieces now and then--instant gratification when you just feel like sewing. Do you go or have you been to the Marden's in Ellsworth? I've heard they have a fabulous collection of quilt cottons. You did really well on your shopping trip.