Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Finally Quilted!

Contrary Wife - finishes up at 82 X 99. The quilting is not done by me - I send my tops out - this quilting pattern is called Popcorn. I got the quilt pattern out of an old Quilt magazine. ALL from scraps/every dwindling stash other than the 2 border fabrics which I bought after I got the top together. I also purchased extra wide quilt backing special!
I made this quilt 2 summers ago - July, August, September, finishing in October, adding borders in November (2006). I actually started it the summer of 2005, but then went to Austria for the winter so it got set aside. Ah well, good things take time.
All quilted and bound now. Here is what it looks like on 2 different beds - spread out. My bed has a lovely curved footboard so I always put my quilts on my own bed sideways.

Except - can you keep a secret? I don't like a big quilt on my bed! If I sleep with a quilt I prefer a small lap sized one, flannel backed preferably! Oh sure, I will spread them out and admire them, say hello to the lovely fabrics, rotate them around from time to time during the month - but the quilt almost always comes off at night. Most times if I do have a quilt on the bed - it is back side up or under my down comforter - just to spread it out to help prevent crease lines! Of course, School Boy loves to make forts with them so that helps with the crease-line thing no doubt! Not that I don't love my quilts and seeing the fabrics and all, I just prefer a very plain bed covering. Maybe it is my subconcious way of off-setting the 2 tone paint with wall papered birds on the wall - there when we bought the place and although not my favorite - I didn't see any need to change it. See how puffy my bed is? I have a feather mattress and then a puffy flannel backed down comforter under there. It is so cold here that I sleep with that down comforter year round! SB has a matching down comforter - smaller sized of course for his wee bed. HE prefers to sleep in his sleep sack (year round) with fleece blankets and if it is cold then the down comforter on top. Not that he doesn't have his very own bedroom with a twin bed, but it is way across the house and up a flight of stairs... Helps out our electric bill a bit in the winter this way anyway - we only heat the 1 room at night. He still fits in the little bed, but at the rate he is growing, I imagine this will be the last winter. HE has a stack of quilts that fit his twin bed just fine - come the day.


Elaine Adair said...


Contrary wife? - (LOVE the name of that block) 'm going to have to study that pattern to see how it was arranged to end up with this lovely star. I've also been trying to 'study' the quilting pattern 'popcorn' ... some of them are hard to follow, but the curls and swirls are so pretty.

dot said...

I just love this quilt. I remember when you showed it before and fell in love wtih it then. Seems like I fall in love with all your quilts. It certainly is a lovely quilt all done. Good work.

Candace said...

I love your quilt, it's beautiful.
I also love the picture of your little guy in his little bed. It brings back memories of when some in our family were small.

Rebecca said...

your quilt is wonderful! I put quilts on my bed sideways too. Thanks for visiting my blog, I love to have visitors.

Laurie said...

WOW...what a great quilt!! And LB is now in KDGN? Where has the time gone? He looks adorable!

call me crazy said...

Oh I do like your quilt! Very nice colors. :-) SB looks snug as a bug in his little bed too. :-) Is he enjoying kindergarten?

Susan said...

I love the quilt colors, the design and the quilting - perfect choice for this pattern.

Is it already really cold up there?

Linda said...

That is beautiful!! I fold up my quilts/comforters at night - I don't like anything heavy on me at night. BUT... the kids - they bring their quilt down in the morning and curl up with it while eating breakfast, after school while doing homework, and take it back to bed with them! lol
I love the colors/fabrics you chose!! Happy quilting!

Sue R said...

Oh, is that a gorgeous quilt! Love that border fabric. At first I thought it strange that you don't keep a quilt on your bed, until I remembered that in the winter months, I sleep with an electric blanket and a down comforter on top. I sleep with a quilt on the bed all summer though.

Pat at Bell Creek Quilts uses this Popcorn pattern quite a bit. It's a very pretty pattern, and I just ordered it so I can learn it. It seems to look beautiful on everything.

SB looks pretty cute in his little bed.

Donna said...

Your quilt turned out beautiful and looks great on your bed. Now that LB is SB the time will go even faster. Enjoy him while you can!

Shasta said...

It's a beautiful quilt - such lovely colors. The best things in life take time.

Mary said...

This is lovely! I really need to make another bed size quilt for our bed but I hate making king size quilts - I tend to get bored with the piecing about half way through and end up with another twin size quilt for the sofa or to donate.

I'm getting ready to pull out our Autumn quilts which we'll use straight through the winter since they have toasty flannel backs on them.