Sunday, September 14, 2008

6 to Bind

6 quilts - all quilted and ready for binding! This week I was able to trim them all up - here is my pile of trimmings - lots of long strips of fabric to add to the scrap bin. Not really sure that this counts as a stash-busting report if I am adding all that into the scrap bin... but then again - these are 6 quilts almost entirely made from stash! There is no way I will use all the batting trimmings, but some of it I will use for Christmas ornaments so I set it aside for the time being.

And after awhile of all that cutting with scissors (instead of a rotary cutter), my poor thumb was getting a bit sore - so I wrapped a scrap of batting around the handle. Ah, much better!

This coming week? Well, I've got binding plans. Not sure about ALL those quilts, but the binding is all made for 1 of them - might have to buy yardage for the rest, but 1 is a start, right? I would be VERY happy to get 1 done... setting realistic goals here! First one up will be this one - lots of beautiful custom quilting on this! I love what my quilter did. More details in a future post.

And of course, life outside of sewing continues at a fast pace... One day just seems to slip into the next - I run out of day before I get everything done. I have alot of different personal and business projects that I am working on, plus that precious boy of mine - always my #1 priority.

Speaking of... on the gardening front... seems like just yesterday we were planting our spring flowers and now we are cutting the dead flowers, tidying up the beds and making room for the fall Mums. This was our Saturday project together yesterday - School Boy loves having his own wheelbarrow - just his size! He does just as much work, if not more than me, in the garden. He just needs a bit of guidance and enjoys having some company and he is off!


Vicky said...

See? You used a bit of that batting! LOL. What a pile of almost-finished quilts! I love it when they get to this stage! Your little helper is getting so big!

pdudgeon said...

looks like you've got a wonderful gardener in the making there!
great quilts!!

Silverthimble said...

If I had such a handsome garden helper I might spend more time in my garden pulling weeds! Your son looks like he is really enjoying himself! What a cutie!

katie z said...

I will be so glad when my girls are old enough to do that - right now my oldest likes to pick the green tomatoes!

Randi said...

I think keeping up with those bindings is the hardest part! I have quite a stack of those myself.

Sue R said...

Binding is usually my least favorite part, but once I get going I usually enjoy the handstitching. I wish someone would invent some ways to use those strips of leftover batting. I put a piece on a swiffer one day, it actually worked pretty well. I've also used them as disposable dustcloths. How is SB liking school so far?

swooze said...

School Boy is adorable!